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Pokemon Unite Season 3 Battle Pass Trailer & Holowear Leaked

A huge new leak has revealed the trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Unite Season 3 Battle Pass and it has some exciting new holowear!

While Pokemon Unite is about scoring the most points to win matches, every player wants to unlock some cool cosmetic items too.

Luckily for all of you fashionable Pokemon trainers, a new leak has revealed the Pokemon Unite Season 3 Battle Pass trailer. This includes a load of outfits for your trainer as well as holowear for two classic Pokemon – Charizard and Venusaur.

Check out the leaked Season Battle Pass trailer below to see all of the new upcoming items.

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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Season 3 Battle Pass Trailer – Venusaur & Charizard Holowear

Pokemon Unite players are currently excited about all of the new content in the Halloween Festival. Although, the new Pumpkin boxes have not been very popular.

Luckily, there is even more new content on the way in the form of the Season 3 Battle Pass. What’s more, players can see all of the clothing and holowear from the pass already, thanks to a leak.

The leaked Battle Pass trailer shows holowear for two fan-favorite Pokemon – Charizard and Venusaur.

Powerful all-rounder Charizard is getting a very sophisticated holowear. This features a black and gold jacket with some gold glasses too.

Meanwhile, Venusaur is getting an even more fancy Indian outfit. This will likely be the final tier of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Unfortunately, though, the Halloween update has nerfed top-tier Pokemon like Venusaur and Lucario.

Additionally, a number of outfits will be in the Season 3 Battle Pass too. This includes a luchador-style outfit as well and a brightly colored patterned shirt that you would wear on vacation.

Will you be picking up the Season 3 Battle Pass when it comes out in November? This could be the best Battle Pass so far!

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Meanwhile, the latest Pokemon in Unite is taking all of the headlines. This is because Greedent’s Unite move gives it a DPS of over 4000!

Plus, you can find out how to unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite. You’ll definitely want to do this before you find out the best Greedent build in Pokemon Unite.

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