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Pokemon Unite Expensive Sacred Alolan Ninetales Holowear Is Angering Players

Pokemon Unite has just received the Sacred Alolan Ninetales Holowear, along with a new Trainer Outfit, but fans are not happy.

Despite the stylish new looks, it appears that players are already unimpressed with Pokemon Unite’s latest cosmetic additions.

Furthermore, alongside this, some are also reporting missing Gems & pre-registration rewards not working in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Sacred
(Source: Nintendo)

Although, last week the game finally launched on Mobile devices. Alongside the mobile launch, Pokemon Unite received a massive update.

With the launch update, a whole host of new features were added such as crossplay, super item enhancers, new held items & more.

Now, Alolan Ninetales has received a new Holowear outfit, but players aren’t happy with the addition. Similarly, Pokemon Unite players can also get their hands on a free Pikachu Holowear at the moment too.

Pokemon Unite Mobile
(Source: Nintendo)

There is even discussion as to whether Pokemon Unite is pay to win or not. Although Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game, and the new additions are purely cosmetic, they are still undeniably overpriced.

But first, make sure you check out the Pokemon Unite tier list after the Mamoswine update for the latest and greatest picks.

Sacred Alolan Ninetales Microtransaction Is Too Expensive

Right now, the Pokemon Unite fan base is in an uproar over the new Sacred Alolan Ninetales Holowear.

Unfortunately, the new Holowear has not gone down very well with players thus far. Rather surprisingly, the cosmetic item costs nearly as much as a brand-new game!

Pokemon Unite Gems Missing & Pre-Registration Rewards Not Working
(Source: Nintendo)

Currently, fans are taking to the internet to voice their concerns over the direction Pokemon Unite’s microtransactions are taking.

Understandably, many are extremely worried about the hefty price tag. After all, $40 for a cosmetic item is far too much to pay.

In fact, players may as well pre-order Pokemon Legends Arceus instead, that way you’ll definitely be getting more for your money.

Despite the rift this is causing, there will still be players interested in picking up the Sacred Alolan Ninetales Holowear, after all, you have to kit out your favorite Pokemon, right?

Therefore, if you happen to be an Alolan Ninetales player, make sure you check out our build guide, including best moves, items, strategy & more.

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Most Overpowered Venusaur Build in Pokemon Unite - September 2021
(Source: Nintendo)

Finally, you may be wondering, is Pokemon Unite better on Mobile or Nintendo Switch? Luckily, we’ve got the definitive answer for you.

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