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Pokemon Unite Pikachu Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Pokemon Unite is finally here and we’ve got a guide to one of the game’s best characters, the franchise mascot itself: Pikachu.

If you’re jumping into Pokemon Unite and you want the best possible guide to Pikachu, we’ve got you covered. The powerful Attacker class has one of the best offenses in the game, but be careful not to take too much damage.

What Pikachu makes up for in damage, it certainly lacks in endurance. And while that makes the Pokemon something of a glass cannon in Pokemon Unite, it’s clear that the character is one of the best in the roster.

Unfortunately, that also makes Pikachu one of the most popular starter choices in the game! When you finally get your chance to play Pikachu in Pokemon Unite, here’s a guide to help you be the very best – like no one ever was.

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Pokemon Unite Pikachu Guide
(Source: Nintendo)

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Pikachu Build – Pokemon Unite

Unique Abilities

Pikachu has two abilities which are worth learning about before jumping into Pokemon Unite.

Static – Firstly, Pikachu’s Passive ability is Static. When Pikachu takes damage, Static causes all nearby opponents to get a slow debuff temporarily before going on cooldown.

Because of this effect, Pikachu excels at chasing down opponents foolish enough to poke at the Pokemon. It also makes it easy to escape those who are trying to finish you off, particularly when in your side of the arena.

Basic Attack – Pikachu’s Basic Attack is also a powerful tool, which becomes a boosted attack with every third hit. A boosted basic attack deals increased damage, and Paralyzes (slows) opposing Pokemon for a short time on hit.

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Level 1 / 3

At level 1, Pikachu has two moves to choose from when entering the battlefield.

Thundershock – 5s Cooldown – Electrifies an area, and Paralyzes (slows) opponents.

Electroweb – 9s Cooldown – Throws an electric net to stun an opponent.

Right now, a lot of Pikachu meta builds are opting for Thundershock to create an incredibly powerful early-game Pokemon, capable of eliminating opponents quickly. However, consider taking Electroweb first to not only help your team engage but also allow Pikachu to avoid pursuers.

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Pikachu Thundershock Pokemon Unite Guide
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 4

Electro Ball – 5s Cooldown – Hurls an electric orb that stuns opponents in an area.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

Thunder – 8s Cooldown – Summons lightning strikes in an area.
Upgrade: More lightning strikes.

Once again, Thunder will deal the most damage of the two moves, making it a good pick for those looking to dish out the KOs. However, Electro Ball is a Sure Hit move with a short cooldown and a Stun.

In a fast-paced game like Pokemon Unite, you’ll need to adapt on the fly and pick the move right for you. But Electro Ball is definitely the best beginner pick.

Pikachu Thunder Pokemon Unite Best Build
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 6

Volt Tackle – 10s Cooldown – Makes an electrified leap forward, displacing opponents.
Upgrade: Reduced cooldown.

Thunderbolt – 8s Cooldown – Summons a strong blast of lightning that stuns enemies in an area.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

The level 6 decision isn’t as clear-cut as the previous two choices. But with Thunderbolt giving Pikachu another Stun to work with and being one of the Pokemon’s strongest moves, we definitely recommend giving it a go.

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Pikachu Volt Tackle Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Thunderstorm – Summons a tremendous lightning storm that follows you and blasts nearby opponents.

Pikachu’s Unite Move is a powerful tool that should be used in team fights where possible. It’s hard to use Thunderstorm incorrectly but try and use it early on in a fight to give your team the edge and secure some kills.

Pikachu Thunderstorm Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Pikachu Items – Pokemon Unite

Held Items

When playing Pikachu, we recommend using the following Held Items:

  • Float Stone – Increased Movement Speed and Attack Damage
  • Muscle Band – Deal increased basic Attack Damage
  • Shell Bell – Heals the attacker’s HP when a special attack hits its target

You could also consider the Wise Glasses to greatly increase Special Attack Damage. Special Attack Specs gives you a permanent boost to Special Attack power after each goal, which makes the item an excellent choice for Intermediate to Advanced players.

Battle Item

One of the most popular items you should be using with Pikachu is the X-Attack. This raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Special Attack for a short time, with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

However, if you want a speedy exit or chasedown button for your Pikachu, consider using the X-Speed or the Eject Button.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu How to Play
(Source: Nintendo)

Pikachu Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • When in a tricky spot, walk away from your opponent while flinging your abilities at them. Thanks to Pikachu’s stuns and Static ability, an enemy always has disadvantage when pursuing you.
  • Overlap Thunder and Thunderbolt for huge damage on an enemy when fighting.
  • Partner with support Pokemon like Alolan Ninetales to slow your enemies and destroy them with your high-damage moves while they try to escape.
  • Make sure to not be on the frontlines! Pikachu is a squishy character who excels when fighting from a distance, preferably behind an ally.

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