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Pokemon Unite Pay to Win Concerns Discussed on Reddit

Nintendo’s new MOBA Pokemon Unite was released this week, but the game has been accused by players of being pay to win.

Players are able to purchase items to give them a competitive edge, such as extra health.

The MOBA genre, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, has been incredibly popular across the world for many years.,

Games such as League Of Legends and DOTA 2 being among the most played games in many countries.

MOBA’s are typically played on out in a 5v5 format, with teams occupying one half of an arena each.

Players to try and take control of multiple lanes, destroying the goals of the opposing team to win.

For the development of the new game, Nintendo enlisted TiMi Studio Group to bring the MOBA genre to the series.

Who Is TiMi Studio Group?

TiMi Studio Group is a Chinese development studio and subsidiary of Tencent.

The studio has had experience creating MOBA games including Arena Of Valor, as well as games such as Call Of Duty Mobile and The King Of Fighters: Destiny.

Pokemon Unite Slowbro Surf

Pokemon Unite Pay To Win Reddit Discussion

Being a free to play game, it is understandable that Pokemon Unite would have various monetization options.

This helps the developers and Nintendo could recoup costs and generate a profit, as well as maintaining the game.

The methods that Pokemon Unite is monetized include,

  • Cosmetics for the Pokemon
  • A Battle Pass
  • Purchasing of characters
  • Gacha Pull increases
  • As well as the purchase of items to boost stats during a match.
Pokemon Unite Absol Psycho Cut

In a Reddit post, u/SpeedRacing1 broke down what purchasable items offer players and how they can affect the outcome of a match.

“Tencent has done a good job of hiding the blatant pay2win scheme. In order to upgrade items, you must go to the Aeos Emporium and then buy Item Enhancers using 10 Tickets;

If you do not have tickets, you can exchange Gems for an item Enhancer at a rate of 1 Gem”

Certain items when combined together can offer up to 1,080 health for level 30 characters.

The user also noted that “this is completely ignoring their passive effects and secondary stats, so the difference is realistically even more drastic.”

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Can A Player Earn These Items Through Natural Playtime?

Although players can purchase everything in the game with money, they can also be acquired through natural playtime.

Pokemon Unite is purposely designed to make this a very slow process.

This incentivises players to open their wallets to get ahead.

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetails Avalanche

Right now the game has a fairly low skill gap, which allows most players to score victories.

Over time the skill gap will increase, this is when the effects of pay to win will become clear.

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We could see more widespread use of these items that will allow players to gain an advantage.

Eventually, we could see players abandon the game, frustrated by being at a competitive disadvantage.

Although this is currently an issue for Nintendo Switch players, it could be extended further with Pokemon Unite scheduled to be released on mobile in the near future.

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