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Pokemon Unite Nerfs Zapdos & Drednaw in Halloween October 20 Update

Pokemon Unite is getting some huge changes with the Halloween October 20 update, including huge nerfs to Zapdos and Drednaw!

Pokemon Unite is simple to play, but hard to master. And while players need to try to KO as many wild Pokemon as they can, two are way more important than the others.

The giant, turtle-like Drednaw and the legendary bird Zapdos can totally change the tide of battle in Pokemon Unite and the developers have clearly seen this.

After all, players come up with clever strategies to KO Zapdos faster as well as a Pokemon Unite Drednaw Tactic to win every game.

This has prompted both of these wild Pokemon to get a huge nerf in the new Pokemon Unite Halloween update that is adding Greedent.

Find out how Zapdos and Drednaw now work, following the patch, as well as the sneaky buff to Rotom too.

Pokemon Unite Zapdos

Pokemon Unite Halloween Update Changes Wild & Legendary Pokemon – Zapdos, Drednaw & Rotom

The headline updates in the latest patch were all of the October 20 Pokemon buffs and nerfs. However, the changes to wild and legendary Pokemon might be even more important.

Zapdos Nerf

  • Decreased the amount of Aeos Energy droppped when KO’d.

Drednaw Nerf

  • Reduced the amount of Shield given to the friendly team when KO’d.
  • Reduced the amount of experience points given when KO’d.

Rotom Buff

  • Increased Rotom’s movement speed, HP and attack when heading towards the opposing goal.
  • Increased the amount of time the opposing goal is broken.

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What do you make of these changes to Zapdos, Drednaw, and Rotom in Pokemon Unite? Hopefully, these make the game fairer and reduce the importance of your team taking down these powerful Pokemon.

Additionally, Rotom has already been buffed before. This should hopefully give Pokemon Unite players a tough choice to make between Rotom and Drednaw from now on.

Pokemon Unite Rotom

However, it isn’t Zapdos and Drednaw that is causing the most controversy for players right now. Pokemon fans hate how expensive the new Aloalan Ninetails Holowear is.

Finally, Pokemon fans now have two ways to play the game. But is Pokemon Unite better on Nintendo Switch or mobile?

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