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Does Pokemon Unite Mobile Release Fix Pay-to-Win Issues?

Pokemon Unite is about to get a huge update for the launch of its mobile release, but does it fix the ongoing Pay-to-Win issues?

Since its launch, players have been concerned about whether or not Pokemon Unite is Pay-to-Win. There have certainly been some fans upset at the game’s confusing currencies, and overpowered items.

The biggest issue with Pokemon Unite is not that you have to choose the best Pokemon to buy early on. Instead, problems arise from the fact that you need to choose the best items to upgrade in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Pokemon Unite)

After all, sticking the best items on this overpowered Blastoise build will result in you having an insane advantage over your opponents in-game.

But now, Pokemon Unite’s Pay-to-Win issues may be a thing of the past, thanks to a few new changes. Here’s why the Pokemon Unite mobile release might be fixing the Pay-to-Win complaints for good.

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Pokemon Unite Mobile Fixes Pay-to-Win?

Does Pokemon Unite’s mobile release fix the ongoing Pay-to-Win issues? New additions are changing up how the game works for good!

As part of the new Pokemon Unite mobile launch, Tencent is making some big changes to the free-to-play MOBA.

In the new update, Pokemon Unite is adding Super Item Enhancers to the game! These powerful new unlocks will immediately boost any item to Level 30, getting rid of any advantage gained from those who paid to boost their stats.

Right now, we only know that these Super Item Enhancers are unlockable through in-game events. If they can be purchased with real cash, Pokemon Unite’s Pay-to-Win issues may have just got worse, not better.

One thing that’s sure to keep players happy is the boost to overall Item Enhancer drops. It seems that Tencent is boosting the number of Enhancers that are earned through core gameplay – which will be helpful when upgrading your brand-new Held Items!

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New Pokemon Unite Sylveon & Mamoswine Gameplay Revealed
(Source: Pokemon Unite)

At the time of this article’s writing, we don’t know to what extent the increase will help Pay-to-Win complaints. After all, right now it’s possible to simply use premium Aeos Gems to buy Item Enhancers with ease.

Hopefully, things feel a bit more balanced for mobile players who are joining the Pokemon Unite veterans tomorrow!

Meanwhile, we just got new gameplay for Mamoswine and Sylveon in Pokemon Unite!

And you can claim your free Pikachu and exclusive Holowear in-game with the new update!

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