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Pokemon Unite Mobile Release Date Confirmed – Pokemon Presents

We’re getting even more news for the newest MOBA on the block, Pokemon Unite, in today’s Pokemon Presents livestream

Today, we had our first major Nintendo presentation in just over 2 months. Of course, we did get a look at upcoming Indie games in Nintendo’s Indie World livestream last week, but Pokemon fans have been waiting for a long time for today’s showcase.

Not only did we hear about new Pokemon and mounts in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but Nintendo also had more to reveal about Pokemon Unite. Having been out for a little over a month, Pokemon Unite is settling in to be an incredible MOBA.

And the game even got a major update and new Pokemon today!

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Check out where Blissey fits into the ultimate Pokemon Unite Tier List here! And we’ve even got the best Blissey Pokemon Unite build to help you carry your team to victory.

When Is Pokemon Unite’s Mobile Release Date?

Pokemon Unite’s mobile release date is now confirmed for September 22, 2021.

Pre-registration is out for the mobile release now on your mobile device’s app store. If enough people pre-register for the MOBA’s release, special rewards will unlock for all users who log in before October 31, 2021.

These rewards include unlocking Pikachu’s Unite License for free, and a special bonus skin for everyone’s favorite electric mouse. Of course, we’ll need a whopping 5 million preregistrations to unlock the Special Festival Style for Pikachu – but we imagine the Pokemon brand can accomplish it.

On top of that, these TWO new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Unite soon!

In other news, Pokemon Unite is officially Pay to Win, but fans don’t seem to mind! The game is still relatively friendly to beginner players, even going as far as to give players bot games when on losing streaks.

Pokemon Unite Mobile Release Date Confirmed - Pokemon Presents

Of course, many users actually see this feature as being more insulting than actually helpful. If you’re dropping into the MOBA later today, check out the best Pokemon Unite Held Items to upgrade first – so you don’t waste your money!

If we accomplish our preregistration goals, you’ll actually be able to unlock 2 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Unite on mobile!

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