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Pokemon Unite Mobile Launch Update Adds Crossplay, Super Item Enhancers, New Held Items, Squads & More

Pokemon Unite is finally coming to mobile tomorrow, and the update is bringing plenty of great changes to the game as well.

Pokemon Unite has been a huge success so far, with MOBA and Pokemon fans alike enjoying the game’s unique take on the genre. However, there have been a few small problems with the game.

Luckily, the developer has been listening to all of the fan feedback over the first couple of months of Pokemon Unite and is adding plenty of great features in the next update. Check them out below.

But first, there’s still time to get a free Pikachu Unite license as well as a free Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear ahead of the Pokemon Unite Mobile release date.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite September 22 Update Pacth Notes

In case you missed it, Pokemon Unite is finally coming to mobile devices, and that’s not all. Pokemon Unite is also getting a huge update to coincide with its mobile release.

This patch includes new crossplay features as well as changes to stop the ‘pay to win’ elements of Pokemon Unite.

  • Full cross-platform play and account linking across mobile and Nintendo Switch.
  • New in-game events where you can get super item enhancers that upgrade held items to grade 30.
  • Changes so Trainers can get item enhancers more easily.
  • New held items.
  • Unite squads which allow Trainers to team up with squadmates.
  • A second battle pass with new cosmetic items, including Holowear with special visual effects.
  • New Spectator Mode features.
  • Support for multiple new languages.

Additionally, the developer reminds players that both Sylveon and Mamoswine are coming to Pokemon Unite soon.

Those are all of the changes coming to Pokemon Unite in the mobile launch update. Which of the new changes are you looking forward to the most?

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Pokemon Unite

Meanwhile, if you are picking up the game for the first time on mobile, make sure to find out the best Pokemon Unite starters. It takes a while to unlock more Unite Licenses so you want to make the right choice!

Next, you’ll want to know the best held items in Pokemon Unite to upgrade first. Although, this list could be changing soon with the new items coming in the update.

Finally, check to this Pokemon Unite Drednaw strategy that’ll win you every game. It’s just as simple as it sounds.

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