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Pokemon Unite Mobile Launch Gives Major Buff to Rotom

Pokemon Unite is now available on mobile devices and the newest update brings a massive buff to Rotom.

One of the most interesting Pokemon games in years just hit mobile devices and Pokemon Unite has a big balance patch to experience.

Tencent’s new MOBA is making major changes to the game as a whole, ensuring a fresh experience for new and returning players.

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Pokemon Unite
(Source: The Pokemon Company)

We also recommend making sure you use your new Item Enhancers on the best Held Items in the game.

Meanwhile, does Pokemon Unite’s new update remove Pay-to-Win issues for good?

Pokemon Unite Rotom Buff

It seems that Rotom just got a major buff in Pokemon Unite’s mobile launch update!

Long-term players will know all about Rotom and its effect on the game as a whole. The powerful Wild Pokemon can be defeated in-game in order to have it temporarily join your team and head toward the nearest enemy goal.

Previously, the only effect that Rotom had in Pokemon Unite was that it would instantly score 20 points and cause all scoring in that goal to be instantaneous for a short time.

However, thanks to the new Pokemon Unite Rotom buff, there’s one more advantage to taking the electrical Pokemon. If a player is already scoring in a goal when Rotom arrives, they will now instantly dunk their points with no further delay.

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Pokemon Unite Rotom Buff
(Source: The Pokemon Company)

This is an excellent quality of life adjustment and one we’re happy to see in the game! What’s more, the new update finally removed the Pokemon Unite secret Drednaw debuff that the game never told us about.

Unfortunately, it seems that some players are missing their Pokemon Unite Aeos Gems after the new mobile launch…

Check out the new Pokemon Unite Rotom buff in this video by spragels below:

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