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Pokemon Unite Machamp Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Everyone’s favorite 4-armed beefcake is back! Here’s how to play Machamp in Pokemon Unite, with the best possible build, moves, items, and more!

Gen 1 Pokemon Machamp has long been one of the franchise’s most popular Pokemon. The macho muscled final evolution of Machop is the ultimate melee fighter in Pokemon Unite.

Although Machamp doesn’t have much range to work with, the powerful Pokemon makes up for his weakness with incredible speed and a strong offense. But where does he stack up in the full Pokemon Unite tier list?

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate guide to playing Machamp, with all the best moves, items, strategy, and more!

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Pokemon Unite Machamp Build
(Source: Nintendo)

Machamp Build – Pokemon Unite


When selecting Machamp, you start off the game as a Machop and have to evolve up to your final form. You evolve to Machoke at level 5 and Machamp at level 9.

Unique Abilities

Guts – Increases damage output when afflicted by a status condition.

Basic Attack – Every third attack does extra damage and slows the opposing Pokémon.


Level 1 / 3

Karate Chop – 6s Cooldown – Attacks with a sharp chop.

Bulk Up – 9s Cooldown – Empowers your next basic attack while increasing your Movement and Attack Speed, and makes you immune to hindrances.

Choosing Bulk Up first will help Machop get into position faster than his opponents, while also assisting in some early-game Wild Pokemon captures.

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Machamp Pokemon Unite Attack
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 5

Close Combat – 6s Cooldown – Throws several punches while walking, the last one hitting hardest, and makes you immune to hindrances.
Upgrade: Opponents with status conditions take extra damage.

Cross Chop – 6s Cooldown – Dashes forward with a crossed-arm chop that has a higher chance of Critical Hit.
Upgrade: Increases Attack with each basic attack up to a set max

Cross Chop is the obvious choice for Machamp, unless partnered with a Pokemon that inflicts status conditions such as Alolan Ninetails. Use Cross Chop in combination with the Scope Lens for an incredibly high-damage attack.

Machamp Pokemon Unite Close Combat

Level 7

Dynamic Punch – 8s Cooldown – Leaps and punches the ground, damaging and stunning nearby opponents. Upon landing, boosts your next basic attack and grants immunity to hindrances for a short time as well as increased Movement and Attack Speed.
Upgrade: Increased Movement and Attack Speed.

Submission – 11s Cooldown – Becomes unstoppable and rushes forward, increasing Movement Speed and slamming the opponent into the ground to root them. Once the move ends, the user’s Critical Hit rate and basic Attack Speed are increased for a short time.
Upgrade: Increased critical hit chance and attack speed.

Although Dynamic Punch is an excellent choice for its damage output, you should almost certainly take Submission as Machamp. After all, not only do you get an extended boost to Movement Speed, your next attack will throw and root an opponent.

On top of that, your Critical Hit rate is increased, making it the perfect pairing for Cross Chop and your Scope Lens item.

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Machamp Pokemon Unite Submission
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Barrage Blow – Supercharges Movement Speed, Attack, and Defense (physical and special). On second activation: Unleashes a combo attack that damages and displaces nearby opponents. The final blow deals an especially large amount of damage.

When using Barrage Blow, Machamp can enjoy boosted stats for a short time, perfect when entering a team fight. You can then enjoy your stat boosts in combat, before aiming a barrage of blows at the enemy team.

Be sure to hit with the final blow where possible, to maximize your damage output.

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Machamp Pokemon Unite Barrage Blow
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Machamp Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Machamp, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite:

Held Items

  • Scope Lens – Boost Critical Hit Damage
  • Muscle Band – Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.
  • Float Stone – Move faster when not in combat

Two other good options are the Attack Weight to permanently increase Attack upon scoring a goal, and Leftovers to recover 1% of your HP every second.

Battle Items

Without a doubt, the Eject Button is key when playing Machamp to give you the escape you need against disadvantageous situations. X Attack is also a popular choice, to make Machamp one of the game’s best overall damage dealers

Machamp Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Machamp’s best build relies on a high Critical Hit rate. Be sure to upgrade your Scope Lens as soon as possible.
  • The Pokemon works best with a support character like Ninetails or Wigglytuff who can slow down opponents.
  • Although Machamp will out-damage a lot of the game’s cast, be sure to keep an Eject Button in your back pocket for a quick escape.
  • Get used to using Machamp’s Unite Move effectively, as the Pokemon walks forward while delivering a series of punches. Spacing is key to maximize damage with the final hit.

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