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Pokemon Unite Lucario Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Popular fan-favorite Lucario has returned in Pokemon Unite, donning his familiar fast-paced and punchy moveset, Lucario looks to be a force to be reckoned with. Here is our guide on how best to play Lucario in Pokemon Unite, including the best items, strategy & more.

Pokemon Unite is kicking off with its recent release, but no one is better at delivering a storm of kicks than Lucario. Whilst many Pokemon like to attack from range, Lucario prefers to get up in the mix as a versatile fighter capable of delivering some serious blows.

Interestingly, Lucario is one of Pokemon Unite’s All-Rounder archetypes, this means he is well-balanced and good at just about everything. However, Lucario’s main focus given the Pokemon’s fighting-type nature is his Melee focus.

In order to play Lucario well, you’re going to have to get up in the enemy teams’ faces, we’ve got you covered with the best way to beat up your enemies in Pokemon Unite.

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Lucario Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Lucario Build – Pokemon Unite

Unique Abilities

Steadfast – When the Pokemon is at low HP, it is granted a shield and its movement speed is increased.

Basic Attack – Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, performing a combo attack with a bone. Deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the areas of effect and throws them.

Pokemon Unite Lucario
(Source: Nintendo)


Level 1/3

Interestingly, all Pokemon get a choice of either one move or the other at level 1 but don’t worry, you will get access to the other starting at level 3.

Quick Attack – 6s Cooldown – Has the user lunge forward at a speed that makes it almost invisible, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it comes in contact with.

Meteor Mash – 7s Cooldown – Blasts forward with a punch like a comet, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and shoving them.

Meteor Mash is the best pick for Lucario given its ability to shove enemies on top of closing the gap. This makes it marginally better than Quick Attack for an additional 1 second added to its cooldown time.

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Lucario Meteor Mash
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 5

Extreme Speed – 9s Cooldown – Has the user charge forward with breathtaking speed. If this move hits an opposing Pokemon from point-blank range, its cooldown is reset and it restores the user’s HP. However, the cooldown cannot be continually reset by using this move on the same opponent multiple times in succession.

Upgrade: Also increases Attack for a short time when this move is used.

Power-Up Punch – 7s Cooldown – Charges power before unleashing a powerful attack. While the user is charging power, its movement speed is decreased but its Attack slowly increases and the damage it receives is reduced.

The user then charges in the designated direction and releases this move, dealing more damage the lower the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP is and making its own next basic attack a boosted attack if the move hits. This move’s cooldown is reduced every time one of the user’s move hits.

Upgrade: The user becomes immune to hindrances while charging power.

Power-Up Punch is easily the better option due to the fact it offers explosive damage, displacement, defense-boost, attack boost, and immunity to hindrances. Furthermore, on top of this Power-Up Punch also offers a shorter cooldown time and works with Lucario’s Unite Move.

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Lucario Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 7

Bone Rush – 10s Cooldown – Performs a combo attack with a bone, dealing multiple damaging blows to opposing Pokemon and shoving them. The final attack sends the bone flying. If this move is used again while the bone is travelling, the user rushes to the location of the bone, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokemon.

Upgrade: Using this move again will reset the cooldown for Extreme Speed or Power-Up Punch.

Close Combat – 9s Cooldown – Unleashes a combo attack, dealing multiple blows to opposing Pokemon and shoving them.

Upgrade: Increases damage dealt by this move.

Again, Bone Rush offers a lot more versatility than Close Combat, essentially giving Lucario a free dash or escape option, an easy pick.

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Lucario Pokemon Unite

Level 9

Unite Move – Aura Cannon – Deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Increases the damage dealt by the user’s next Power-Up Punch after using this Unite Move.

Although It goes without saying that Lucario is an up-close and personal fighter, make sure to use this Unite Move to initiate or to pick off enemy Pokemon from range.

Pokemon Unite Lucario Aura Cannon
(Source: Nintendo)

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Best Lucario Items – Pokemon Unite

Lucario is best used with these held items, in order to give him a serious damage boost.

Held Items

  • Muscle Band – Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.
  • Attack Weight – Permanently increases Attack upon scoring a goal.
  • Focus Band – When HP is low, gradually recovers HP.

These items are all designed to increase damage output and keep Lucario’s strength a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Battle Item

Eject Button is the perfect choice for Lucario, being a close-combat melee specialist being able to teleport close to or away from harm is essential.

Lucario Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • The best way to play Lucario in Pokemon Unite is aggressively. You will want to make sure you are quickly jumping into battles to help KO enemies. Interestingly, Lucario works best in mid-lane due to his ability to roam around and help other teammates secure kills.
  • When low on health, the Eject Button is a life-saver, but your other Held items are perfect for sustainability. Furthermore, Lucario’s dashes and Bone Rush can really turn the tide of battle, giving you the chance to escape from harm.
  • Finally, a good combo with Lucario is to hit your opponent with Bone Rush to stun, then following up with a Power-Up Punch to grant you a defense and attack boost. This can then be followed up with a third auto-attack to knock the enemy into the air, simply rinse and repeat.

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