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Pokemon Unite Leak Reveals Aegislash Gameplay, Moves & Release Date

A leak has revealed the next character coming to Pokemon Unite is form-changing Steel/Ghost Type Aegislash – check out the first gameplay!

Pokemon fans are always looking forward to finding out the new characters joining MOBA Pokemon Unite. Luckily, a leak has revealed the next addition early.

Even if Trevenant has only just arrived in Pokemon Unite, players already have a glimpse of the next upcoming character. The ‘Mon in question is Aegislash who has two different movesets when it switches between being a sword a shield.

What’s more, the dataminers have also revealed the first gameplay of this exciting new character’s Pokemon Unite moveset as well as its release date. Check it out below!

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Aegislash Anime

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Gameplay & Release Date Leaked

Previous leaks revealed even more upcoming Pokemon Unite characters however these clearly didn’t know about all of the Pokemon coming to the game.

Surprising many fans of the series, data miners have now found Aegislash in the game’s files. This is a slightly niche choice, but it has the potential to have a very interesting moveset.

We know that Aegislash will be an all-rounder and even have a glimpse of some of its moves as well as its in-game evolution.

Like in other games, in Pokemon Unite it starts off as Honedge, then evolves to Doublade before finally becoming Aegislash.

What’s more, it looks like the Aegislash release date is February 14 – only a couple of weeks away!

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In terms of the moveset, some dataminers have already been able to play as Aegislash in Pokemon Unite. This reveals its in-game moves.

Fans will be hoping it isn’t as complicated as Trevenant’s meta Pokemon Unite build!

Aegislash has some interesting moves including a teleport dash, a high damage melee slash, and some kind of shield.

What’s more, its Unite Move is a huge attack followed by an attack boost and even possibly some additional healing too.

This could be the next meta all-rounder following yet another Luacrio nerf in the January 20 patch.

Hopefully, Pokemon Unite officially reveals Aegislash with a character spotlight soon. Until then, be sure to check out Spragels‘ breakdown of the leaked gameplay below.

We wonder where Aegislash will place in our updated Pokemon Unite Tier List!

In other news, there are some even bigger Pokemon leaks on the internet right now. Some gamers have Pokemon Legends: Arceus early and are spoiling it!

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