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New Pokemon Unite Glitch Gives Crustle Unlimited Unite Moves

There’s a new Pokemon Unite glitch that’s giving Crustle players unlimited Unite Moves for free – and it’s breaking the game.

Right now, Pokemon Unite is in a good place. The game is settling into the MOBA lifestyle well, and the official Pokemon Unite Tier List shows a relatively balanced meta!

On top of that, we’re only days away from the Pokemon Unite mobile release date.

And with thousands of players about to jump into the game for themselves, we’re all getting a free Pikachu Unite License and Holowear to celebrate!

But it’s not all smooth sailing when it comes to Tencent’s latest MOBA. And there’s a major Pokemon Unite glitch that is breaking the game right now.

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Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite Bug Gives Crustle Free Unite Moves

Crustle just became the most broken Pokemon in Pokemon Unite thanks to a new bug giving it free Unite Moves.

In Pokemon Unite, your Unite Move is a powerful game-changing ability that usually requires a significant cooldown period. After all, with a Unite Move in your pocket, it’s easy to take down any enemies, even when outnumbered.

Right now, Unite Moves appear to be relatively balanced in-game, with the exception of Blastoise’s incredibly powerful attack.

But a new glitch is letting Crustle use its Unite Move every few seconds, for free. And this is leading to some players getting incredibly frustrated with the game.

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Crustle Free Unite Move Glitch – Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Crustle
(Source: Nintendo)

Although we aren’t going to give away exactly how to perform this game-breaking Crustle bug in Pokemon Unite, it’s not super hard to find either. And that’s leading to a lot of players performing the stunt in-game for easy wins.

Unlike this Pokemon Unite easy win Drednaw strategy, Crustle’s Unite Move glitch isn’t a fair exploit to take advantage of. And by using a bug with the game’s launch pads, it appears that players are able to reset their Unite Move cooldown right after using it.

Using this new glitch in tandem with a Score Shield can allow players to dunk goals without any enemies stopping them. There’s a reason that players consider the aforementioned item to be one of the best items in Pokemon Unite.

We can only hope that Tencent gets around to fixing this major issue very shortly. It would be good to spend more time on this issue, and less time putting Pokemon Unite players into Bot Matches for sure.

In case you missed it, 2 new Pokemon are coming to the game soon! In the meantime, watch out for Crustles that seem to always have their Unite Moves ready, and check out this hidden Drednaw trick to KO Zapdos faster!

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