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Pokemon Unite Gengar Glitch Makes Hex Move Do No Damage

Pokemon Unite has been hugely successful since it launched a couple of weeks ago, but the new update has brought a frustrating glitch that has ruined Gengar!

Gengar is one of the most popular Pokemon, and has also been a very powerful pick in Pokemon Unite too. The Ghost-type Speedster dominated before the first major Pokemon Unite balancing update took him down a notch.

However, the update has nerfed Gengar even more than initially thought. Now a new glitch has made Gengar’s Hex move totally useless in Pokemon Unite.

But first, check out where Gengar ranks in our updated Pokemon Unite Tier list.

Genger Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Gengar Bug – Hex Does 0 Damage

Many players had been dominating using the best Gengar build in Pokemon Unite, but those days are well and truly over now.

Before the update, Gengar was the best Speedster in the game, and a large part of that was due to the Hex move that you unlock at level 7. When combined with Sludge Bomb, it was nearly unbeatable.

Players would hit an enemy with Sludge Bomb, which would allow them to spam the powerful Hex again and again. Even the tankiest Pokemon Unite character Snorlax didn’t stand a chance.

Therefore, the balancing update aimed to nerf Hex. But, instead of a nerf, a glitch has made the move completely useless. Hex now does absolutely no damage at all!

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Don’t worry, the developers are aware of the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. For now though, we recommend picking the Dream Eater move for Gengar instead, or playing as the next best Speedster, Zeraora.

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