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Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

The newest Pokemon Unite character is already here, and this Gardevoir build has the potential to be one of the game’s strongest.

Pokemon Unite has been out for a week now, and the newest MOBA on the block is already turning heads. Now, we’re getting our first post-launch update, bringing with it Pokemon Unite’s first DLC character!

We already know that Blastoise and Blissey will be joining the cast very soon, but we didn’t expect to see Gardevoir dropping in week 2. Then again, with literally hundreds of Pokemon to choose from, perhaps it’s not as difficult to make a new challenger as it would be in a standard MOBA.

But where does Gardevoir stack up on the full Pokemon Unite tier list? We’ll have to wait and see, as the insanely powerful Special Attacker certainly has the damage output necessary to be deadly in a team fight.

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pokemon unite gardevoir skin
(Source: Nintendo)

Gardevoir Build – Pokemon Unite


When selecting Gardevoir, you start off the game as a Ralts and have to evolve up to your final form. You evolve to Kirlia at level 6 and Gardevoir at level 10.

Unique Abilities

Synchronize – Mirrors any received slows and damage-over-time hindrances back at the attacker.

Basic Attack – Every third attack deals area damage and reduces the Sp. Def of all opponents hit for a short time.

Level 1 / 3

Confusion – 4.5s Cooldown – Shoots a psychic blast straight forward.

Teleport – 11s Cooldown – Warps to a nearby area and boosts the next basic attack.

We’d always take Confusion first to help with early Wild Pokemon farming. It’s also a great poke against enemy players.

Just be sure not to stray too far into enemy territory or you will get caught without an escape!

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir PsychicPokemon Unite Gardevoir Psychic
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 6

Psyshock – 10s Cooldown – Shoots three psychic blasts straight forward. Each impact reduces this move’s cooldown.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

Future Sight – 9s Cooldown – Sets a delayed explosion. If it hits, its cooldown gets reduced.
Upgrade: Instant cooldown on hit.

While both of Gardevoir’s Level 6 moves do great damage, you should almost always pick Future Sight. The attack is one of the game’s most powerful moves, and is hard to dodge without a dash or item.

What’s more, after upgrading the move, you can use it again instantly if you hit an enemy – turning Gardevoir into a walking nuke.

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Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Psyshock
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 8

Psychic – 7s Cooldown – Shoots a ball of energy that explodes at distance, or upon impact, slowing opponents in an area.
Upgrade: Reduced cooldown.

Moonblast – 6s Cooldown – Leaps back and throws a blast of psychic energy, stunning the first opponent hit and damaging others in a cone.
Upgrade: Grants a shield.

Although Psychic makes for an excellent damage-dealing poke, it’s also the perfect combination with Future Sight due to its slow. Moonblast gives you a similar combination attack, however, but will stun an enemy and damage others around them.

Moonblast also gives you a little more survivability due to its shield and movement on use. It’s a tough call, but we’re going with Moonblast on this one.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Moonblast

Level 10

Unite Move – Fairy Singularity – Warps space into an infinitesimal point, pulling opponents toward the singularity before exploding and displacing them.

Fairy Singularity is a powerful Unite Move, especially when combined with Future Sight and other AOE abilities. Gardevoir is easily capable of ruining the day of an entire team with a single press of a button.

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Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Fairy Singularity
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Gardevoir Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Gardevoir, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite:

Held Items

  • Shell Bell – Special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your Sp. Atk.
  • Wise Glasses – Increases the damage of special attacks.
  • Energy Amplifier – After using your Unite Move, you deal extra damage for a short time.

All of the above items will ensure that your Gardevoir is able to do what she does best – absolutely destroy the enemy team.

Battle Items

Without a doubt, the Eject Button is key when playing Gardevoir to give you the escape you need against disadvantageous situations. X Attack is also a popular choice but it’s a little overkill for the insane damage dealer and leaves you with almost no escape from combat.

Gardevoir Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Gardevoir has excellent range and incredible damage but the Pokemon suffers in close-quarters situations. Early game, use Teleport to escape enemy players, as well as your Eject Button. Late game, Moonblast will help, but you’ve got less escape potential, so stay out of danger.
  • Use Fairy Singularity along with Future Sight and Moonblast to nuke an entire enemy team at once. It’s also the perfect way to secure Zapdos in the teamfight at the center.
  • Be mindful of your opponents! Gardevoir is going to get hard-countered by Pokemon like Absol and Gengar, two popular meta picks right now.
  • Try and always stay with a teammate, as an enemy gank will remove Gardevoir from the game with ease.

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