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Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Garchomp may be an top-tier Pokemon in the mainline games but how does it stack up in Pokemon Unite? Check out this detailed Pokemon Unite Garchomp guide for all the best moves, items, strategies, and more!

It’s Pokemon Unite launch day and players are eagerly downloading the new MOBA and unlocking their favorite characters. And while Garchomp isn’t on your starting roster, it’s one of the current free Pokemon in rotation.

Garchomp has been one of the most popular Pokemon since its introduction in Gen 4. And you’ll be seeing him again in the newly upgraded Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl graphics.

What’s more, Garchomp is also confirmed for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But how does he stack up against the competition in Pokemon Unite?

Garchomp Guide Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Garchomp Build – Pokemon Unite


When selecting Garchomp, you start off the game as a Gible and have to evolve up to the final form. You evolve to Gabite at level 6 and Garchomp at level 10.

Unique Abilities

Rough Skin – Reflects a portion of melee damage back at the attacker.

Basic Attack – Becomes a boosted attack with every fifth attack, dealing increased damage and restoring the user’s HP. Every time one of the user’s basic attacks or moves hits an opposing Pokémon, the user’s basic attack speed is increased

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Level 1 / 3

Bulldoze – 5s Cooldown – Stomps the ground, damaging nearby opponents in an AOE.

Sand Attack – 6s Cooldown – Hurls sand to inflict opponents with the Nearsight debuff. When it hits, grants increased movement and attack speed.

Sand Attack is a the better choice when it comes to one-on-one combat in Pokemon Unite. However, Bulldoze will certainly help in early team fights, so consider taking this move second unless you’re looking for some early engagements.

Garchomp Basic Attack Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

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Level 6

Dig – 9s Cooldown – Burrows underground, becoming untargetable. Erupts from the ground upon contact with an opponent, damaging and displacing opponents in an area. When combined with Earthquake, the eruption is larger.
Upgrade: Increased Movement Speed

Dragon Rush – 8s Cooldown – Dive into the ground, displacing opponents.
Upgrade: Slows opponents who get pushed away to the maximum displacement.

Both Dig and Dragon Rage are excellent moves, with Garchomp speeding towards enemies underground. However, Dig’s combination with Earthquake makes for an excellent combo move.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of taking Dragon Claw next, Dragon Rush can be an excellent option for maximum displacement of enemies.

Garchomp Dig Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

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Level 8

Earthquake – 7s Cooldown – Crashes to the ground from high in the air, damaging nearby opponents.
Upgrade: Slows opponents caught in the AOE.

Dragon Claw – 5s Cooldown – Dashes forward, slashing twice. The first displaces opponents. The second is a boosted attack, followed by a boost to attack speed.
Upgrade: Increased damage dealt.

Earthquake is something of an iconic Garchomp move, and most players will certainly opt to run the powerful attack. However, choosing Dragon Claw makes Garchomp an incredible one-on-one threat.

Garchomp Earthquake Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

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Level 10

Unite Move – Livid Outrage – Unleashes a powerful chain attack. The final attack displaces opponents, but stuns Garchomp.

Using Garchomp’s Unite Move will allow you to use 5 devastating attacks in a row before temporarily stunning yourself. This is a finishing blow, not an engage so be sure to time it correctly, when the enemy team is looking a little weak.

Garcomp Unite Move Livid Outrage Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Garchomp Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Garchomp, we recommend using the following Held Items:

Held Items

  • Rocky Helmet – After taking a certain amount of damage, deals Percent Damage to nearby opponents.
  • Assault Vest – When out of combat, gain a percentage of your maximum health as a shield that blocks special attacks.
  • Leftovers – When not in combat, recovers 1% of your HP every second.

Alternatively, taking the Float Stone for additional Move Speed out of combat, or the Muscle Band for highter Basic Attack damage on strong opponents are also good options.

Battle Item

Garchomp’s best Battle Item is probably the X-Speed to help him chase down enemies and secure kills with ease. However, the Eject Button is often a better all-round item which can get you in or out of combat in a flash!

Garchomp Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Garchomp is an all-rounder but don’t make the mistake of believing yourself to be a tank. You want to get in and out of combat quickly.
  • Use your speedy abilities to disrupt enemies from using their own moves. Your job is to harrass the opposing team and deal big damage in bursts.
  • Dragon Rush and Dig are both excellent engages, use them to speed into battle with an enemy, particularly when catching them alone.
  • Thanks to Garchomp’s heal on his Basic Attack, he makes an excellent Jungler. Consider taking him into Wild Pokemon camps and assisting your team’s lanes when needed to secure a kill or disrupt scoring.

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