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Pokemon Unite Players To Get Free Pikachu Holowear At Mobile Release

Pokemon Unite players rejoice – everyone will have the chance to unlock a Holowear for Pikachu for totally free very soon!

Holowear is one of the coolest and most sought-after items in Pokemon Unite. After all, who wouldn’t want to play as Snorlax wearing a giant fruit costume?

Luckily for all you Pikachu mains out there (and there are quite a lot), you can secure a free Holowear for the bright yellow mascot for absolutely free once the mobile game releases. Find out the details below.

But first, check out our updated Pokemon Unite Tier List for September. It even features the brand-new Pokemon that has just arrived – area control expert Blastoise.

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How To Get Free Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear in Pokemon Unite

Players have already unlocked the chance to earn a free Pikachu Unite License in a new promotion for the upcoming mobile launch of Pokemon Unite. However, that’s not all players will be able to earn.

Now that the mobile version of Pokemon Unite has reached a whopping 5 million pre-registered players, everyone will have the chance to unlock the free Festival Style: Pikachu holowear.

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However, players will still have to complete some in-game challenges to get this cool Holowear. These challenges will most likely go live on the Pokemon Unite mobile release date, and players have until the end of October to complete them.

What’s more, if the pre-registration numbers reach 7.5 million, players will get a load of Aeos tickets for free. Make sure to get your friends to sign up too!

You’ll also need to know the best Held Items to upgrade in Pokemon Unite to make the most of these tickets.

There are also more new playable Pokemon arriving soon. Sylveon & Mamoswine are coming to Pokemon Unite.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite players have found some great new strategies to help you get more wins. First, you’ll want to know how to KO Zapdos faster in Pokemon Unite.

Also, make sure to use this simple Drednaw trick to get easy wins. You’ll get to the next class in ranked in no time using these strategies!

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