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This Pokemon Unite Drednaw Strategy Will Win You Every Game

If you’re a Pokemon Unite player, be sure to implement this Drednaw strategy for some easy wins.

Pokemon Unite has been out for over a month now, and a meta is beginning to take shape. We’ve still got some time to improve before the Pokemon Unite mobile release date, and players are quickly finding the best strategies in the game.

We already have a good idea as to the current Pokemon Unite Tier List. But when choosing your Pokemon, be sure to incorporate this new strategy into your team composition.

We’d say it always helps to have a top-tier Supporter like Blissey on the squad too. And there are 2 new Pokemon coming to Unite very soon!

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite How to Win Every Game

If you’re looking to win every game, this Drednaw strategy could be just what you need in Pokemon Unite.

By this point, everyone except your teammates seems to know that Drednaw is the key to winning. Defeating the powerful Wild Pokemon will grant your entire team a shield as well as a significant amount of EXP.

However, we also recently discovered that taking the final Drednaw leads to a damage reduction against Zapdos!

With that in mind, using the following strategy will help you dominate the entire game, to the point where you no longer need Zapdos to win!

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How to KO Zapdos Faster in Pokemon Unite - Hidden Drednaw Trick
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite Drednaw Strategy

  • First, and most importantly, it’s always best to have a pre-made team. This way, all members of the squad can follow the strategy.
  • To begin, head play the first 90 seconds of the game as normal. Take 2 players into each lane, and have your Jungler begin farming Wild Pokemon in the center area. However, don’t score any points at Top.
  • Then, as soon as the Vespiqueen farm is cleared out (preferably by your team), immediately head to the Bottom lane.
  • You should be able to all be at Bottom lane by the 8 minute mark, where you can deposit all your energy into the Bottom goal and destroy it.
  • Now your enemies won’t be able to rotate to Drednaw as quickly, nor will they have a way to heal nearby.
  • With this advantage and a full team on your side, take Drednaw right after he spawns.
  • Then, take the whole team and rotate up to Rotom. Chances are, you might lose Rotom on the first run, but you’ll have a weakened enemy team that won’t be able to stop you destroying them and their top goal if this is the case.
  • From here, simply rotate between Top and Bottom with a full team, taking all the Center farm along the way, and always getting to Drednaw early.
  • As you begin to both objectives time after time, your lead will snowball and the enemies will have only one option at victory.
  • Simply defend Zapdos with your powerful team for the win!

Thanks to YouTuber spragels for coming up with this easy but effective strategy!

Your enemies will be losing so much that Pokemon Unite will give them bot games to stand a chance!

But make sure you’re using the best Held Items in Pokemon Unite to secure your victory!

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Saturday 25th of September 2021