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Pokemon Unite Dragonite Gameplay, Release Date, & Moves Revealed

Dragonite is coming to Pokemon Unite and it looks like the best character yet.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you need to be playing Pokemon Unite. Tencent’s latest MOBA is an excellent beginner-friendly experience, with a skill ceiling that just keeps on rising.

Right now you can even get a free Pokemon for logging into Pokemon Unite before time runs out. And Dragonite is also just around the corner too.

What’s more, we know which Pokemon is coming after that, and it’s a huge fan-favorite!

Now, we’re getting more details about Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, including release date, move set, and even some new gameplay!

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Release Date & Moveset

According to leaker ElChicoEevee, Dragonite is coming to Pokemon Unite on December 20, just before the launch of the new season.

The leaker also reveals new gameplay of Dragonite in action, with its entire moveset showcased. In Pokemon Unite, Dragonite has the following abilities:

  • Marvel Scale: Increases the Pokemon’s Defense when afflicted by a status condition.
  • Multiscale: Reduces the damage the Pokemon receives for a short time. This ability goes on cooldown after triggering.
Pokémon UNITE Dragonite Hyper Beam

Dragonite then has 3 different boosted attacks, depending on its current evolution. Once evolved, Dragonite’s boosted attacks rotate through the following:

  • Dratini: Every third basic attack blasts water at opposing Pokemon, reducing the cooldown of moves and healing the user.
  • Dragonair: Every third basic attack shoots a lightning blast at enemies, leaving them unable to act for a short time.
  • Dragonite: Every third basic attack launches a fire beam at oponents, which deals additional damage on hit.

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Pokemon Unite Dragonite All Moves

Level 1/3

Twister – Creates a twister and releases it in a designated direction. Opposing Pokemon hit take damage and get a temporary Movement Speed decrease.

Dragon Breath – The user exhales a mighty gust. If it hits an opponent, the user’s next basic attack becomes boosted.

Level 5

Dragon Dance – The user moves to a designated direction with dancing movements. Damage by this Pokemon is increased for a short time, alongside Movement and Attack Speed.

Damaging enemy Pokemon shortens this move’s cooldown. Every time you use this move, the damage inflicted increases (up to 3 times).

Extreme Speed – This move’s text in-game is currently a placeholder but it appears to be a dash in a direction of your choice.

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Pokémon UNITE Dragonite Gameplay

Level 8

Hyper Beam – Has the user aim at the designated opposing Pokemon, charge up power, and unleash a beam of light in a straight line. In addition to dealing damage, this move also hit the opponent for a set percentage of their max HP and leaves Dragonite unable to act temporarily after use.

Outrage – Dragonite starts rampaging, stomping the ground and dealing damage in an AOE. Also triggers the most recent boosted attack effect once again.

During a rampage, all basic attacks become special melee boosted attacks, with increased Attack Speed. After rampaging, the user is unable to act for a short time.

Level 9

Unite Move – The user flies high into the air, becoming unstoppable and crashing down with several comets at an area of your choice. This move has incredible range, and uses more of the Unite Move gauge the further you fly.

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Gameplay

Check out this new Pokemon Unite Dragonite gameplay, courtesy of leaker ElChicoEevee on YouTube.

We can’t wait to see where Dragonite ends up on our Pokemon Unite Tier List!

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