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Pokemon Unite Dragonite Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Dragonite is as good as we hoped in Pokemon Unite – here’s a full guide on how to best use the Gen 1 favorite. 

Dragonite is, without a doubt, one of the most highly anticipated Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite. And now that it’s finally here, it’s time to learn how to use it effectively.

In case you missed it, we recently got a leak of a ton of new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite in future updates. With Blaziken looking like it’s coming soon, you don’t want to miss out.

However, Dragonite was definitely one of the biggest names on the list, so when the Dragon-Type was revealed to be dropping this Christmas, we were very excited.

Now, Dragonite is making major waves on the new Pokemon Unite tier list.

But is the Pokemon as broken as past additions to the roster?

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Gameplay, Release Date, & Moves Revealed

Best Dragonite Build – Pokemon Unite


When starting the game as Dratini, players will evolve to Dragonair at Level 5. After that, they’ll need to reach Level 8 before becoming Dragonite.

It’s definitely a long journey until you reach your full power form, with some significant power spikes at each evolution;

Unique Abilities

Marvel Scale  / Multiscale

  • Dratini: Increases the Pokemon’s Defense when affected by a Status Condition
  • Dragonair: Increases the Pokemon’s Defense when affected by Status Condition
  • Dragonite: Reduces the damage the Pokemon receives for a short time and goes on cooldown after triggering

Basic Attack

  • Dratini: Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, blasting water which deals damage and reduces cooldown for the user’s moves. This attack will also restore Dratini’s HP on hit.
  • Dragonair: Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and reduces cooldown for the user’s moves. This attack alternates between water and electric, which leaves the opposing Pokemon unable to act for a short time.
  • Dragonite: Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, blasting water which deals damage and reduces cooldown for the user’s moves. The boosted attack alternates between water, electric, and fire damage. If the fire attack hits, it deals additional damage to enemies.


Level 1/3

Twister – 8s Cooldown – Creates a twister and releases it in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and reducing their movement speed for a short time.

Dragon Breath – 8s Cooldown – Sends out a mighty gust in a direction of the user’s choice. On hit, the user’s next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

Both of these beginner moves are excellent choices for your first pick. Usually, we’d go with Twister if we’re laning with a high-damage Pokemon, else Dragon Breath is a good move to secure kills of your own.

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Dragonite Draco Meteor

Level 5

Dragon Dance – 5s Cooldown – The user dances forward, increasing damage dealt, movement speed, and basic attack speed for a short time. During this boost, when a basic attack hits an opponent, it reduces this move’s cooldown. Each time this move is used, the user’s damage dealt increases (up to 3 times)
Upgrade: Further increases movement speed if there are opposing Pokemon nearby when the dance ends.

Extreme Speed – 9s Cooldown – The user leaps at an opponent and throws it, dealing damage to enemies in an AOE and slowing them. Also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon it hits for a short time and resets Multiscale’s cooldown.
Upgrade: If the user’s movement speed is decreased and it uses Extreme Speed, the decrease is negated.

While both choices give Dragonite some additional movement, Dragon Dance is a great option for making the Pokemon a real threat. Using it to charge up your Hyper Beam or Outrage will lead to devastating damage in a team fight or 1-on-1.

Pokemon Unite Outrage

Level 8

Hyper Beam – 8s Cooldown – The user aims in a designated direction, charges up, and unleashes a beam of light that sweeps the ground in a straight line. Hyper Beam not only deals damage but also hits enemies for a percentage of their max HP. Dragonite is unable to act for a short time after using this move.
Upgrade: Reduces damage dealt to Dragonite while charging or using this move.

Outrage – 8s Cooldown – The user begins rampaging, stomping the ground and dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in an AOE. Also triggers the most recently used boosted basic attack ability. 

During Outrage, all basic attacks become special melee boosted attacks with increased speed. The user is unable to act for a short time after the rampage ends.
Upgrade: Reduces the duration of hindrance effects inflicted on the user when rampaging.

Both Outrage and Hyper Beam are powerful moves that can turn the tides of any team fight. However, we recommend taking Hyper Beam if you’re opting for Dragon Dance. 

Using the two moves in tandem will allow you to charge up the move and fire off an incredibly powerful attack. That said, Outrage and Dragon Dance appears to be a pretty broken combination with an insane DPS right now too.

Choose whether you want to play Dragonite as a ranged or physical attacker and make your choice accordingly.

Dragonite Hyper Beam Pokemon Unite
(Source: Pokemon Unite)

Level 9

UNITE MOVE – Draco Impact – Has the user fly into the air before crashing down onto a chosen area, dealing damage in an AOE and throwing enemies. The further you fly, the more Unite Move is consumed, meanwhile Dragonite is immune to hindrances while using this attack.

Although Draco Impact isn’t incredibly powerful, its true advantage lies with its reach. Dragonite can fly from one side of the map almost to the other, or hop a shorter distance to use the move more frequently.

Use it to surprise enemies, or even to grab an easy score.

Best Dragonite Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Dragonite, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite.

Held Items

  • Muscle Band – Increases Basic Attack Damage
  • Score Shield – Protects the User When Scoring
  • Attack Weight – Increases the User’s Attack Stat After Scoring

With these items, Dragonite can stack up to a monstrous damage profile. However, you’ll need to score frequently to take advantage of the boost.

Alternatively, you could consider taking an Energy Amplifier to boost your Unite Move and Hyper Beam combo.

Battle Items

As expected, Eject Button is a good option on Dragonite. It’s always nice to have some extra movement, and Dragonite is by no means a tank.

Dragonite Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Keep into account which Boosted Attack is next. With Outrage especially, Dragonite benefits from choosing his basic attacks wisely.
  • When using Dragon Dance, always be dancing. Basic attacks will reduce the move’s cooldown allowing for frequent use and fast charging of your Hyper Beam.
  • Use Draco Impact to soar across the map and surprise enemies. Due to its power, it’s good to keep map awareness in mind, finding the best opportunities to come crashing in.
  • Remember that Draco Impact only uses up part of its charge if you’re moving somewhere close by. With this in mind, you could potentially Unite more than enemies are expecting.

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