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Pokemon Unite Decidueye Release Date & Gameplay Leaked

A leaker has revealed the release date and gameplay for the next upcoming character in Pokemon Unite, Decidueye!

Pokemon Unite’s roster of playable characters keeps growing and growing. It’s no surprise though, as there are hundreds of monsters to choose from.

While nothing has been announced just yet, leaks have revealed some upcoming Pokemon – and one of them is grass/ghost type Decidueye.

This is a fan-favorite character that players have been desperate to see in the game ever since it launched.

What’s more, yet another leak has revealed the first Pokemon Unite Decidueye gameplay as well as the character’s release date.

But first, check out the first official Pokemon Unite Decidueye teaser.

Decidueye Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Release Date

Pokemon Unite has already added a load of fan-favorite characters including Blastoise, Sylveon, and Blissey. And now, it looks like yet another character is coming soon.

A leak from Facebook, and shared on the Pokemon Unite subreddit has seemingly confirmed that the next character coming to Pokemon Unite is Decidueye.

Additionally, the leak claims that Decidueye will arrive in Pokemon Unite on November 19.

This will be the first new Pokemon since Greedent arrived as part of the Pokemon Unite Halloween event.

It’s not usual that Pokemon are released on a Friday, but this could be to do with an event to coincide with the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl release date.

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Decidueye Pokemon Unite

Decidueye Trailer & Moveset Leaked

Players have spotted some huge hidden changes in the Pokemon Unite Season 2 update. But it looks like they have also found some major information about Decidueye.

The leak also included the first Decidueye gameplay in the form of the character spotlight. This reveals what his moves look like.

It appears as though Decidueye is a ranged attacker in Pokemon Unite and has a number of moves that involve shooting leaves at opposing Pokemon.

Plus, its Unite Move ‘Nock Nock’ has Decidueye shoot a barrage of arrows, according to the leak.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the gameplay video has now been taken down. Let’s hope that Pokemon Unite officially uploads it soon.

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In other news, there have been some huge balancing changes in Pokemon Unite recently. There have been huge nerfs to Zapdos and Drednaw, as well as significant changes to powerful Pokemon Venusaur and Lucario.

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