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Pokemon Unite Decidueye Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Decidueye is one of the trickiest Pokemon to play in Pokemon Unite – here’s a guide to using the Grass/Ghost-Type efficiently!

When it comes to long-range DPS, Decidueye is the king of Pokemon Unite. However, a lack of movement options leaves the Pokemon as a squishy target for enemy Speedsters.

Decidueye is already a popular choice in-game, but many MOBA players are confused as to how to use the Pokemon most effectively. And many gamers may wish they’d saved their coins for the next Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite instead.

However, once you know how to play Decidueye properly in Pokemon Unite, we’re certain you’ll never look back.

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Best Decidueye Build - Pokemon Unite

Best Decidueye Build – Pokemon Unite


When starting the game as Rowlet, players will evolve to Dartrix at Level 4. After that, you’ll need to achieve Level 7 before becoming Decidueye.

This is one of the Pokemon’s biggest drawbacks, as it makes it slow to ramp up to full power and easy to counter in early-game.

Unique Abilities

Long Reach – Decidueye deals increased damage to distant enemies.

Basic Attack – Increases the speed of basic attacks for a short while after one hits. This effect stacks, and after 3 hits basic attacks become boosted for a short time.

Boosted attacks fire more quills, but damage per quill is decreased.

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Decidueye Pokemon Unite


Level 1/3

Leafage – 8s Cooldown – Pelts leaves in a cone in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies. After this, Decidueye’s Attack and basic Attack Speed increases for a short time.

Astonish – 8s Cooldown – With Astonish, Decidueye deals damage to enemies and decreases their movement speed for a short time.

Although you’ll soon have both of these two handy abilities, take Leafage first to neutralize Wild Pokemon quickly and secure some early KOs.

Decidueye Scoring Pokemon Unite

Level 7

Razor Leaf – 10s Cooldown – Summons a cover of whirling leaves that increase Decidueye’s Attack and Attack Speed for a short time. Basic Attacks can then target multiple enemies.
Upgrade: Increases basic attack damage the higher the enemy’s remaining HP is.

Spirit Shackle – 9s Cooldown – Charges power and fires quills in a designated direction. At full charge, the move does more damage, and shackles enemies to the ground.

If enemy Pokemon move a set distance from that location, they receive more damage and a movement speed decrease for a short time.
Upgrade: Deals increased damage to enemies with low remaining HP.

Each of these attacks is equally viable in Pokemon Unite, and you need to pick your move carefully. For the ultimate DPS, Razor Leaf is a must-have – with it, you’ll be beaming enemy Pokemon down from incredible range.

However, Spirit Shackle is a great move and a very useful support option. If your team already has big damage dealers and you’re playing in a lane, consider taking it to help out.

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Decidueye Pokémon UNITE Spirit Shackle

Level 8

Leaf Storm – 8s Cooldown – Creates a tempest of sharp leaves, dealing damage to enemies and decreasing movement speed for a short time. At close range, it also shoves enemies away.
Upgrade: Increases the amount of time that enemies lose movement speed for.

Shadow Sneak – 12s Cooldown – Creates a shadow that takes hold of one enemy in its AOE. That target gets damaged, and decreased movement speed and Defense for a short time.

Meanwhile, Decidueye’s movement speed is increased for a short time.
Upgrade: Further decreases enemy Defense.

Leaf Storm’s advantage is that it can push away enemies to create range for Decideye’s Passive to take effect. It’s worth noting, however, that it doesn’t do much damage and is generally not as good as the alternative.

However, Shadow Sneak is the ultimate chase down tool and it’s also a good (albeit limited) escape option for the Pokemon. We’d stick to the Ghost-Type move here for additional team support.

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Decidueye Pokémon UNITE Leaf Storm

Level 9

Unite Move – Nock Nock – Fires a line of quills in a designated direction (can turn), dealing high damage to enemies. The move ends with a final large quill dealing damage to all enemies it comes into contact with.

This move deals increased damage to low-HP enemies. While firing, Decidueye is immune to hindrances but cannot move.

Nock Nock is a game-changing Unite Move, capable of forcing enemies away from an objective or finishing a team fight. Use it to steal Zapdos from ridiculous range, or push all enemies away from a point so your team can take it easily.

Decidueye Pokémon UNITE Nock Nock

Best Decidueye Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Decidueye, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite.

Held Items

  • Scope Lens – Boost Critical Hit Damage
  • Muscle Band – Increases Basic Attack Damage
  • Focus Band – Recovers Health When at Low HP.

Alternatively, you can swap out an item for the high-risk, high-reward Attack Weight. If you’re able to get some fast early-game scores, you’ll help mitigate the disadvantages that come with playing Rowlet and Dartrix.

Another good option is Energy Amplifier which boosts your attack strength when using your already powerful Unite Move!

Battle Items

Due to Decidueye’s extreme lack of mobility, taking Eject Button is a must for the Grass/Ghost-Type.

Decidueye Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Try not to overextend with Decidueye, especially when you’re not certain where the enemy is hiding. You’re an extremely squishy Pokemon that will die easily when caught unawares.
  • Stay at the maximum range and out-poke your enemies to take advantage of your Passive.
  • Use Nock Nock to ensure enemies cannot stay on an objective such as Zapdos.
  • Your high DPS makes you a target – Decidueye is best when under the protection of an ally Defender.
  • Remember that Razor Leaf works best again high HP enemies, and Spirit Shackle is better against low HP enemies.

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