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Pokemon Unite Charizard Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Pokemon Unite has finally arrived and we’ve got a guide to one of the most popular characters – Charizard.

Looking for the best possible guide for Charizard in Pokemon Unite? You’ve come to the right place. Charizard is an All-Rounder, making it a good pick for players who want to do a bit of everything!

Good offense, as well as decent endurance, mobility and scoring, Charizard is a great pick for new players who want to get to grips with the game. The only thing this Pokemon lacks is support – so your teammates shouldn’t expect much help from you.

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Pokemon Unite Charizard Stats
(Source: Nintendo)

Charizard Build – Pokemon Unite


When selecting Charizard, you start off the game as a Charmander and have to evolve up to the final form. You evolve to Charmeleon at level 4 and Charizard at level 9.

Unique Abilities

Blaze – Firstly, Charizard’s Passive ability is Blaze. This increases Increases critical-hit rate below 50% HP.

This makes Charizard even more dangerous after taking a few hits, so don’t always feel the need to retreat from a battle you’re losing.

Basic Attack – Charizard’s Basic Attack inflicts continuous damage. After evolving, the distance of the basic attack increases. If the opponent is burned the damage inflicted is increased

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Charizard Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)


Level 1

At level 1, Charizard has two moves to choose from when entering the battlefield. The other will be unlocked at level 3.

Flame Burst – 6s Cooldown – Spits a bursting flame that burns opponents.

Fire Spin – 10s Cooldown – Creates a vortex of fire that damages and slows opponents.

At the moment, most of the meta Charizard builds are going with Flame Burst at level 1 because burning enemy Pokemon can be a great way to deal continuous damage. Alternatively, Fire Spin could be the better first choice for you if you prefer to get up close to your enemies.

Charizard Pokemon Unite Basic Attack
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 5

Flamethrower – 7s Cooldown – Breathes an intense blast of fire that burns opponents.
Upgrade – Spits an intense blast of fire that burns opponents.

Fire Punch – 6s Cooldown – Attacks from above with a fiery fist.
Upgrade: Reduced cooldown with each basic attack.

Most top Charizard Pokemon Unite players pick Flamethrower, thanks to the ranged burn damage. However, Fire Punch can be a good option for players who want the mobility of a Dash move.

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Pokemon Unite Charizard Flamethrower
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 7

Fire Blast – Cooldown 11s – Launch an intense blast of all-consuming fire that slows and damages opponents over time.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

Flare Blitz – 10s Cooldown – Shields you as you charge forward cloaked in fire, damaging and displacing opponents in your path.
Upgrade: Slows displaced opponents.

Both of these moves are great options, and which one you pick should be decided by what your team needs in the moment. If you need some more firepower, then Fire Blast is the one for you, but Flare Blitz is a solid defensive choice.

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Charizard Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Seismic Slam – Charizard suplexes the enemy, causing massive damage.

This Unite move is a sure hit against a single enemy, but it does a ton of damage. Make sure to use it at the right time and against the right opponent!

Charizard Pokemon Unite Seismic Slam
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Charizard Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Charizard, we recommend using the following Held Items:

Held Items

  • Float Stone –  Increased Movement Speed and Attack Damage
  • Muscle Band – Deal increased basic Attack Damage
  • Shell Bell – Boosts Critical Hit Damage

The Float Stone is especially important for Charizard as its mobility is slightly lacking. Other than that, increasing your damage will always be handy!

Battle Item

One of the most popular items you should be using with Charizard is the Eject Button. This is perfect if you need to make a quick getaway.

However, if you want some more damage, consider using the X-Attack instead.

Pokemon Unite Charizard
(Source: Nintendo)

Charizard Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Keep your distance at the start of the game, as you don’t have much endurance until you evolve into Charmeleon
  • Don’t always pick the same moves – some games will require a long ranged Charizard build, while others will benefit from a more mixed moveset
  • You’ll want to pair Charizard with support Pokemon like Alolan Ninetales and Eldegoss to make up for Charizard’s lack of support.
  • Finally, Combine Flamethrower with Flare Blitz to make a deadly flurry of attacks.

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