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Does Pokemon Unite Give Players Bot Games on Losing Streaks?

Players believe that Pokemon Unite gives players bot games to keep them happy during losing streaks.

The dust is finally settling around Pokemon Unite, and players are enjoying the latest entry in the MOBA genre. Although relatively simple as far as MOBAs go, Pokemon Unite has enough depth to be competitive, without becoming a sweat-fest of a game.

However, is Pokemon Unite Pay to Win? We’ve done some testing and come to an interesting conclusion.

Just yesterday, the first Pokemon Unite balance patch went live, making major changes to Pokemon like Eldegoss, Wigglytuff, Charizard, and more!

pokemon unite
(Source: Nintendo)

We’ve already got a new Pokemon Unite Tier List for after the August 4 patch! Choose a top-tier contender on our list and you’ll rarely lose a game.

However, for those who do get a few losses in Pokemon Unite, you may well be enjoying a bot game very soon.

Pokemon Unite Bot Lobbies Explained

It seems that Pokemon Unite might help players get out of a losing rut, by placing them into bot lobbies.

A number of Pokemon Unite players are noticing that their games are getting significantly easier after a series of losses. Many users report that, after losing 3 games in a row, Pokemon Unite is placing them into a game filled only with bots.

Players confirm that they have encountered these bot games after losing a series of games, as if Pokemon Unite wants to reward you with an easy match to regain your confidence. But many fans see this is as patronizing, especially since the Pokemon Unite bots are incredibly easy to defeat.

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Pokemon Unite
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How to Tell You’re in a Pokemon Unite Bot Game

Clear signs that you’re in a Pokemon Unite bot lobby include teammates not leveling up quickly, and walking all the way into the center of a goal to dunk their points.

One Reddit user reveals a few clear signs that you’re in a Pokemon Unite bot lobby:

  • They ready instantly when the queue pops
  • They don’t select a Pokemon until you do, and then they all select simultaneously
  • Their trainer cards are all zoomed-in default pose
  • They run in perfectly straight lines and make sharp turns
  • In a fight, they stand still basic attacking until the instant their health falls below about 25%, and then they start running away (without using any dashes/Eject)
  • When scoring a goal they always go to the perfect center of the zone
  • They instantly surrender at 5 minutes exactly if they’re far behind

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You’ll also likely be easily the best player in the match, as teammates and enemies alike make some questionable decisions. But the easiest way to detect a bot lobby in Pokemon Unite is to engage with the team before and after a game.

Taking a look at the other players’ profiles in the loading screen will reveal that bots all have the same basic, forward-facing, zoomed-in shot. And trying to tell other players ‘Good Job’ or reporting users does not work on bots either, in the post-game screen.

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Comments 2



Friday 13th of August 2021

I have noticed holes in this theories though. I’m not so sure that for 100% without a doubt they are bots. I have had some of these things happen during a match but not all and I even am friends with some of the bots now. It is weird but I will wait for a clear ever before assuming.


Friday 6th of August 2021

The most surprising thing about all this is how bad at the game you must be to lose 3 times in a row.