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Pokemon Unite Blissey Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

We just got a brand-new Pokemon Unite character, and this Blissey build already looks like the game’s best Supporter class.

It’s only been a month since Pokemon Unite launched on Nintendo Switch, and we’re already getting our second DLC character! Unlike Gardevoir, Blissey is a Supporter class, and it looks like the strongest one yet.

Prior to the August 18 update, Eldegoss was the only Pokemon viable as a healer in Pokemon Unite. Now, Blissey is joining that exclusive club, and becoming a true must-have for any team that cares about keeping its members alive.

Meanwhile, it’s not long until Pokemon Unite’s mobile release date, which is sure to bring in a ton of new players. If you’re one of them, be sure to check out our guide on picking the best Pokemon Unite starter Pokemon here!

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Blissey Best Build Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Blissey Build – Pokemon Unite


When picking Blissey, you’ll actually begin the game as Chansey, evolving quickly to your final form at Level 4.

Unique Abilities

Natural Cure – Removes all Status Conditions from the Pokemon. Goes on cooldown after being triggered.

Basic Attack – Becomes a boosted attack after a set amount of time passes, dealing increased damage.

Level 1 / 3

Pound – Has the user attack by pounding in the designated direction, dealing damage to Pokemon in the area of effect. Also decreases enemy Movement Speed for a short time on hit.

Heal Pulse – Continually restores the user’s and designated ally Pokemon’s HP for a short time.

Taking Pound first isn’t a bad move, to help your lane push to contest the middle Wild Pokemon fast, Heal Pulse is an excellent way to ensure you survive the first lane fight. Remember that, as Blissey, you won’t want to get any last hits on Wild Pokemon, in order to give your partner the bonus XP.

Blissey Pokemon Unite Heal Pulse
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 4

Helping Hand – For a short time, greatly increases the user’s and nearby ally Pokemon’s Movement Speed and Basic Attack Speed. While this move’s effects last, all of Blissey’s Basic Attacks become Boosted.
Upgrade: Increases the damage of Basic Attacks while this move’s effect’s last.

Egg Bomb – Hurls an egg at the designated location. The egg then explodes, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and throwing them.
Upgrade: Also decreases the Movement Speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time when they are thrown by this move.

In practice, Egg Bomb should be the correct choice here. The added Crowd Control of the move, combined with the small amount of damage and eventual Movement Speed reduction is too good to pass up.

However, Egg Bomb is a slow move with a short range, making it tricky to master. Most teams might see the prefer the benefit of Helping Hand, and it’s certainly useful to help chase down opponents or make a hasty retreat.

If you’re laning with a Basic Attack-based Pokemon such as Cinderace, boosting their Basic Attack Speed with Helping Hand could be the advantage you’re looking for! Even Blissey does decent damage when only using Boosted Attacks, making the Pokemon a tanky opponent to deal with.

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Blissey Pokémon UNITE Egg Bomb
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 6

Safeguard – Removes all status conditions from the designated ally Pokemon and makes it immune to hindrances for a short time.
Upgrade: Also grants the designated ally Pokemon a shield.

Soft Boiled – Throws an egg to an ally Pokemon, restoring its HP as well as the user’s. A maximum of three uses can be kept in reserve for this move.
Upgrade: Increases the maximum number of uses that can be kept in reserve.

Your Level 6 move of choice is entirely dependent on the team you’re facing. Soft Boiled is never a bad option for Blissey, allowing the Pokemon to be the best healer in the game.

However, Safeguard’s niche advantage becomes increasingly clear when you’re fighting against a team of disruptive enemy Pokemon. If you’re laning against some annoying opponents that keep slowing your DPS down, consider taking Safeguard to counter them in a big way.

Blissey Pokemon Unite Soft Boiled
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Bliss Assistance – Has the user dash to the designated Pokemon to give it an egg, granting that Pokemon a shield and increasing its Attack and Sp. Attack for a short time. The user also intercepts a portion of the damage received by that Pokemon for a short time. While dashing, the user throws nearby opposing Pokemon and those it comes in contact with.

Bliss Assistance is an incredibly powerful Unite Move that’s capable of turning the tides of any battle. Simply target your strongest DPS carry and you’ll give them the chance to solo the enemy team.

Combined with Buddy Barrier, you’ll be making your ally unstoppable, but be sure to pick the right one!

Blissey Pokemon Unite Move
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Blissey Items – Pokemon Unite

When you’re playing Blissey, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite:

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Held Items

  • Buddy Barrier – Unite Move grants a Shield to the user and its lowest-HP ally, equal to a percentage of their respective max HPs.
  • EXP Share – Gain EXP every second when you’re the lowest level member of your team.
  • Assault Vest – Gain a shield against Sp. Attack when out of combat. Also raises your HP and Sp Defense.

You could also consider taking the Score Shield which raises your maximum HP and provides a shield to allow you to tank hits while attempting to score points in an enemy goal. In many ways, this item is better than EXP Share, as Blissey may not always be the lowest EXP Pokemon!

Battle Items

Despite its recent nerf, the Eject Button is key for Blissey due to its lack of escape options. You could consider niche items like the Goal-Getter or Slow Smoke but we’d definitely be using Eject Button ourselves.

Blissey Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • As the game’s best Supporter class, Blissey excels at helping its team stay alive. Using your moves and high health pool, make sure your allies don’t die before you do, else you’ll be helpless against the enemy Pokemon.
  • Make sure you pick a good lane partner, as they’re going to need to carry the lane without much extra damage. Similarly, make sure your Unite Move goes towards your team’s best damage-dealer.
  • Always use Buddy Barrier to give your lowest HP ally (and yourself) a shield for extra support. This will help Blissey’s Unite Move be truly game-changing.
  • Always stay with the team, and be present in every major team fight, no matter where it takes place. Try and line-up enemy Pokemon between you and an ally when using your Unite Move to hit enemies with a knock-up!
  • Give your allies as much of the EXP as possible, ensuring that you don’t take the last-hits of Wild Pokemon. Running EXP Share will allow you to level up simply by being the lowest level member of the team – but it’ll only work if your allies are levelling sufficiently.

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