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Pokemon Unite Best Starter Pokemon Guide – Which Should You Pick?

Pokemon Unite is finally here, and players will get to choose a starter Pokemon after completing the tutorial. But which of the game’s 5 choices should you pick?

One of the most iconic moments in a Pokemon title is getting to pick your starter. Usually, players will get a choice between 3 options, a Grass, Water, or Fire-Type Pokemon.

In fact, all of the classic Gen 1 starters are available as part of the Pokemon Unite roster. But many of them are missing from your first choice in Pokemon Unite.

In the new Pokemon MOBA, players will get to select one of 5 starter Pokemon. But which one is right for you?

Find out where your favorite starter Pokemon stacks up in the Pokemon Unite Tier List!

Pokemon Unite Starter Pokemon Guide - Which Should You Pick
(Source: Nintendo)

It’s worth noting that type advantages do not exist in Pokemon Unite, but different playstyles are worth paying attention to. On top of your starter Pokemon, players will be given a Slowbro license for free, as well as a roster of rotating, free Pokemon.

You can also get the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite!

Which Pokemon Unite Starter Is Best?

When it comes to choosing your Pokemon Unite starter, there’s no best pick that you need to lock in. However, inevitably, players will determine a Pokemon Unite tier list in time.

For now, we’ve got all the information you need to make an informed choice about your Pokemon Unite starter.

But is Pokemon Unite Pay to Win?


Pokemon Unite Pikachu How to Play
(Source: Nintendo)

Role: Attacker

The franchise mascot itself, Pikachu is an excellent pick for new players, being both easy to play and incredibly powerful. Pikachu is an Attacker class, and it excels at dealing damage from a distance and escaping in a flash.

What’s more, it’s hard to chase down a Pikachu, as attacking the Pokemon will cause you to get slowed. He’s a great all-around player, if a little squishy.

Check out our detailed Pikachu guide for Pokemon Unite here!


Pokemon Unite Charizard
(Source: Nintendo)

Role: All-rounder

Charizard has always gotten a lot of love from both Nintendo and the fans so we’re not shocked to see him in the starter line-up. Charizard starts off as a fairly tame Charmander but its final evolution is capable of dealing excellent damage over a wide area.

Whether you want to play up close and personal or fire away from a distance, you can’t go wrong with our favorite Fire/Flying dragon.

Check out our detailed Charizard guide for Pokemon Unite here!


Talonflame Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Role: Speedster

The fastest player in the game, Talonflame is all about mobility, with an emphasis on point scoring and a decent offense. Talonflame’s abilities help the Pokemon dive in and out of combat before soaring away without a scratch.

You’ll be able to score huge points with Talonflame, and snatch up the MVP role with ease – but you’ll have to pick your moments in team fights.


Pokemon Unite Snorlax
(Source: Nintendo)

Role: Defender

The ultimate tank of Pokemon Unite, Snorlax is near-unkillable in the right hands. Not only is Snorlax good at inflicting AOE damage, but it can also rest and heal himself up while rooting enemies for the team.

You’ll want to be a team player when using Snorlax, but any allies will be glad to have you there. Make space, block enemies in, and deal heavy damage before taking a power nap.

Check out our detailed Snorlax guide for Pokemon Unite here!


Pokemon Unite Eldegoss
(Source: Nintendo)

Role: Supporter

Eldegoss is a left-field pick for a Pokemon Unite starter but you’ll never be unhappy to see one on your side. This Pokemon is the perfect Supporter role, and you can choose moves that either heal allies or damage enemies as you see fit.

Easy to play but hard to master, Eldegoss works best in tandem with a damage dealer. And the starter Pokemon is also great at helping pursue enemies or engage in a team fight.

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