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Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Alolan Ninetales is one of the most popular Pokemon at the start of Pokemon Unite, thanks to being free for anyone who logs in for just 2 days. Check out this detailed Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales guide for all the best moves, items, strategies, and more!

Plenty of Nintendo fans across the world have already been hopping into Pokemon Unite and trying out the huge roster of characters.

Alolan Ninetales is one of the best Attackers in the game right now, but isn’t the easiest to use. Great offense and support is balanced out with some rather low endurance and mobility.

You’ll need the best moves and strategies to make the most of Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Unite.

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Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Stats
(Source: Nintendo)

Alolan Ninetales Build – Pokemon Unite


You’ll start the game as the much smaller Alolan Vulpix, but that won’t last long. Once you reach level 4, you will evolve to Alolan Ninetales.

Unique Abilities

Snow Warning – Causes snow to fall on an opposing Pokemon, dealing damage to them and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. Attacks sling snow, and hitting the same target with snow multiple times will freeze them for a short time

Basic Attack – Every third attack slows and deals increased damage to opponents in an area.

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Level 1

Like all characters in Pokemon Unite, you’ve got two moves to pick from at level 1 with Alolan Ninetales. The other you’ll get at level 3.

Powder Snow – 5s Cooldown – Blasts opponents in a line with snow, slowing them.

Icy Wind – 8s Cooldown – Blasts opponents in an area with freezing air from range, slowing them.

Both of these are good picks, but we would recommend Powder Snow, thanks to its faster cooldown. This makes it the better ability for defeating Wild Pokemon early on.

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Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetails Basic Attack
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 4

Avalanche – 7s Cooldown – Forms a wall, trapping opponents. The wall then collapses, damaging opponents nearby.
Upgrade: Also slows opponents when the wall collapses.

Dazzling Gleam – 7.5s Cooldown – Shines a blinding cone of light, stunning opponents in its path.
Upgrade: Increased damage and longer stun.

Again, both of these are great moves. Pick Avalanche if you want a more attack-oriented build or go for Dazzling Gleam if you want to offer some more support for your teammates.

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Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetails Avalanche
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 6

Blizzard – 11s Cooldown – Summons two freezing blasts. The first slows opponents in an area, and the second displaces them. If the second blast impacts terrain, it can deal area of effect damage a third time.
Upgrade: Increased damage

Aurora Veil – 13s Cooldown – Creates an aurora to protect your team from damage. Within the aurora, your Movement Speed is increased and your basic attacks are upgraded to boosted attacks.
Upgrade: Increased area defense.

Aurora Veil is the move you’ll want to go for in most cases because it is one of the most powerful crowd control abilities in the game. However, feel free to pick Blizzard if your team is lacking some damage.

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetails Blizzard
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Snow Globe – Summons a swirling storm of snow and ice, dealing increased damage to frozen opponents.

You’ll want to hit as many opposing Pokemon as you can with this Unite Move. Wait until a crowd has formed and then unleash this powerful snowstorm to take down the enemy.

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetails Snow Globe
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Alolan Ninetales Items – Pokemon Unite

Held Items

  • Float Stone – Move faster when not in combat.
  • Muscle Band – Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.
  • Scope Lens – Boosts critical hit damage.

Battle Item

You’ll want to pick the Eject Button as your Battle Item for Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Unite. This will help out get away from sticky situations, despite Ninetales’ slow movement speed.

Alolan Ninetales Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Despite being listed as an attacker, Alolan Ninetales also has some powerful support abilities like Aurora Veil, so make sure to help out your teammates as well as dealing damage yourself.
  • Always try to keep your distance when playing as Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Unite. It might be tempting to deal damage up close, but its low endurance means you’ll soon regret it.
  • Pair Alolan Ninetails with a Pokemon who can take a lot of damage – Snorlax is the bets tank in the game right now.

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