Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s second DLC is about to arrive, and we already know the release time for the December launch of The Indigo Disk.

It’s been three months since the first DLC, The Teal Mask, arrived for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Now, we’re finally getting the finale of the Gen 9 story.

The Indigo Disk launches on December 14 in most of the world, with some regions able to access the expansion on the 13th.

Here’s when you’ll be able to drop into the new DLC for yourself:

The Indigo Disk Release Time

Update: The Indigo Disk DLC is now available and went live on December 13 at 8 PM ET.

The Indigo Disk DLC expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is expected to go live on December 13 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET or December 14 at 1 AM GMT / 10 AM JST.

That means there are until The Indigo Disk releases worldwide.

Note that this time has not yet been officially confirmed by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. However, it is the time that we've seen previous Pokemon DLC go live.

We’ll update this article when we get official confirmation of the new DLC’s launch time.

However, we can be reasonably confident in the times above, as the US Pokemon Scarlet & Violet marketing claims the DLC releases on December 13, rather than its official December 14 release date.

Here’s what time the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC will release in your region:

Time ZoneTime
NZT (New Zealand)1 PM (December 14)
AET (Australia)11 AM (December 14)
JST (Japan)10 AM (December 14)
CET (Europe)3 AM (December 14)
GMT (UK)2 AM (December 14)
ET (East Coast US)8 PM (December 13)
CT (Illinois)7 PM (December 13)
MT (Colorado)6 PM (December 13)
PT (West Coast US)5 PM (December 13)

At that point, players will be making a field trip to Blueberry Academy, a school known for its battling prowess.

They’ll also be able to head into the school’s Terrarium, an under-the-sea park that features four distinct biomes and is home to all manner of Pokemon.

The Indigo Disk Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

Can You Pre-Load The Indigo Disk?

No, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will not allow users to pre-load The Indigo Disk DLC.

Although pre-loading is possible on the Nintendo eShop (and was available for the base game itself, prior to launch), the feature is not often used for DLC.

The game’s first DLC, The Teal Mask, did not have a pre-load available prior to launch. However, if things change this time around, we’ll update this article.

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