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Pokémon Sword and Shield Update 1.3.1 Has Arrived – Here’s What It Brings

Pokémon Sword and Shield update version 1.3.1 has been released. It’s likely to be the final major update of this Pokémon title.

The newest Pokémon Sword and Shield update is primarily for the Crown Tundra DLC pack. It aims to improve stability and overall performance. It also fixes many of the bugs that players have reported since release.

But as it’s likely to be the last major patch for the game in general. It’s also made some quality-of-life improvements to keep the game interesting.

The patch notes state, “Even if you have not purchased the expansion pass, you can find additional Pokémon through online gameplay.”

This seems to suggest that wild areas have also received an update to now include extra Pokémon – and that’s across the base game and its two expansion packs.

So even those who’ve not purchased either DLC or the Pokémon Sword and Shield season pass will be able to feel the benefit. Finding Pokémon in the long grass that weren’t there before.

In many ways, this Sword and Shield update is the same as the previous patch; 1.3.0. One which added similar features. Update 1.3.1 doubles down on these changes but doesn’t seem to offer much else to differentiate itself from 1.3.0.

Reading Further into The Pokémon Sword and Shield Update

Since Pokémon arrived on Switch, GameFreak has been working hard to modernize all Pokémon character models from the 3DS. This way, they can appear on the newer hardware without looking blocky or dated.

This has been a mammoth task for the developers, especially now that the number of Pokémon to render exceeds a thousand! This frustrated fans at first, as they were unable to fill their National Pokedex.

The issue was initially called ‘Dexit’ and may go on for a while yet. But it could be resolved by the time the next Pokémon game arrives.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Remakes - Edge Closer to Reality?

All eyes now turn to 2021, and what Pokémon game will release next year. Will it be a remake of an earlier generation?

We think so, as rumors of a Pokémon Dimond and Pearl remake have been swirling for a while. A recent Nintendo leak also lent credibility to this rumor.

There’s also the possibility of the Dimond and Pearl remakes being a more open-world experience –after all, the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC gave us an insight into what this could look like.

It’s likely that the next Pokémon game will appear on the Nintendo Switch Pro, something Nintendo finally provided an update on.

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