Pokemon Sleep players are coming across a Green Snorlax and are wondering if this version of the sleepy Pokemon is the Shiny variation.

Encountering Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep is a rare occurrence, but this Snorlax appears to be more common among players.

This has led to a ton of players thinking they have got a Shiny Pokemon; however, not all may appear to be what it seems. Let’s dive in and discuss whether the Green Snorlax is, in fact, Shiny as well as how you can get him.

Is Green Snorlax Shiny in Pokemon Sleep?

No, Green Snorlax is not Shiny in Pokemon Sleep. Instead, it is specifically linked to the Cyan Beach Research camp.

By selecting this area every week, you can obtain a green variation of Snorlax. However, it’s essential to note that this Green Snorlax does not provide any extra advantages compared to others.

Even though it’s not the Shiny version, there is still a chance to acquire a Shiny Snorlax each week, but luck plays a crucial role when a new researcher shows up.

Just like other Snorlax researchers, the shiny version will not remain permanently and will depart the following week.

pokemon sleep green snorlax

How to Get Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep

To get Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep, all you need to do is select Cyan Beach as your Research Site at the beginning of the week.

To unlock Cyan Beach, you need to discover 20 different sleep styles on Greengrass Isle.

The best way to increase the number of sleep styles you discover is by feeding your Snorlax quality meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will let you unlock Cyan Beach at a faster rate.

The higher your Snorlax strength is, the more sleep styles you can find while you sleep. You will also need to make sure to get some sleep at the right time to increase your player level.

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