Pokemon Sleep is continuing to roll out worldwide but when is the new game coming out in the US? Here’s what we know:

We’ve never seen gamers so excited to go to sleep before! It turns out that the only thing Pokemon fans needed to get a good night’s rest is the ability to catch Pokemon while they snooze.

Pokemon Sleep is the only game where you can catch Pokemon exclusively while you slumber. But although the game has arrived in many regions across the globe, fans in the US are still waiting for their chance to download.

Pokemon Sleep Snorlax

Pokemon Sleep Release Date: When Is the Game Coming Out in the US?

Pokemon Sleep is now available to download and play in US! The game finally went live in the USA and Japan on July 19, 2023.

After a lengthy wait, Pokemon Sleep began rolling out worldwide on July 17, covering the following regions of the globe:

  • July 17 – Australia, Canada, Latin America (Select Countries), New Zealand
  • July 18 – Select Countries in Africa, Europe (UK Included), the Middle East
  • July 19 – Select Countries in Asia
  • July 19 Wave 2 – USA and Japan

Now, at last, Pokemon Sleep has dropped in both the US and Japan, for what developer Niantic confirms is the game’s ‘final launch.’

All fans worldwide can download Pokemon Sleep using the links below:

All Pokemon trainers can now download and play Pokemon Sleep, utilizing their time in bed to catch new companions and raise their giant Snorlax.

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