A new 1.2 patch for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be dropping in later February, aiming to bring bug fixes and ‘added functionality’ to the game.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company shared a brand-new video celebrating Scarlet & Violet bringing the total Pokemon count up to 1008.

At the same time, the company also released a new press release, confirming that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet patch 1.2 will be releasing next month.

The patch, which promises to feature bug fixes and ‘added functionality’ is currently aiming to launch in late February. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update this article when we learn more.

As for what ‘added functionality’ refers to, this is also not made clear. However, we do know that the patch is arriving shortly before the release date of Pokemon HOME features in Scarlet & Violet, so it could be related to the storage system’s arrival.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Patch 1.2

In a recent update, Scarlet & Violet patch 1.1.0 did manage to fix some minor bugs and introduce new features. However, fans were disappointed to see that performance and visual quality were the same as ever.

We’re still waiting on more news about the leaked Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC too. But for now, it seems we’ll be waiting until at least the end of February to hear more.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet released on November 18 to mixed reception. While many fans praised Game Freak’s approach to a new open-world gameplay style, there were some clear issues with the Gen 9 titles.

Both Scarlet & Violet launched with major bugs and performance issues, something that fans are still waiting to be fixed.

Could the upcoming patch 1.2 finally bring some much-needed fixes to the experience? We’ll have to wait and see. Bug fixes certainly sound promising, but it’s worth noting that Game Freak did not comment on game performance.

In the meantime, here’s a quick trick to fix low FPS and improve performance in Scarlet & Violet right away!

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