Players can use Trade Codes to trade specific Pokemon with one another in Scarlet and Violet. Here is how it works and the best codes to use.

If you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet but wishing you could nab yourself a Miraidon, don’t panic, as Trade Codes can help you get one with ease.

You can trade version-exclusive Pokemon, Starters and Legendaries without needlessly going through incorrect trades by simply using Trade Codes.

How Do Trade Codes Work in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Trade Codes are a way of matching two people who are looking to trade specific Pokemon and receive a specific Pokemon in return.

They’re especially helpful in matching people playing Scarlet with people playing Violet who want to swap version-exclusive Pokemon with each other.

Essentially, they’re codes trainers can use to trade very specific Pokemon with other players, typically any of the many version-exclusive Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet.

Each code is split between two different Pokemon. For example, the code 0001 0004 will allow you to trade a Sprigatito for a Fuecoco or vice versa.

two Pokemon being traded in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Of course, to use Trade Codes, you’ll need to know how to play online in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; otherwise, it won’t work.

How to Use Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To use Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to head to the Link Trade screen via the Poke Portal.

From there, simply enter whatever 8-digit code you’ve chosen and select Begin Searching. After making sure you’re getting the right Pokemon in the trade, accept it, and it will commence.

Of course, this works differently from how Rental Teams work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you want to use other people’s Pokemon without giving up your own, then you should check that out instead.

Here is exactly how you use Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  • Press X to open up the Main Menu.
  • From there, select Poke Portal.
    • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Simply press L to connect to the internet if you’re not already.
  • Inside the Poke Portal, choose Link Trade.
Accepting Link Trade in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Next, select Set Link Code.
  • Enter the 8-digit code you’ve chosen to use.
  • Afterwards, select Begin Searching and wait until it finds another trainer.
setting the Link Code in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Select the Pokemon corresponding to the Trade Code you chose.
    • If you used the code 0001 0004, for example, then you’d need to trade Sprigatito.
  • Make sure you’re receiving the correct Pokemon in exchange.
  • If you are, then accept the Trade.
two Poke balls passing each other in the sky in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The Best Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are currently no official Trade Codes offered by Nintendo. Fortunately, YouTuber Austin John Plays has offered the best Trade Codes you can use to trade with other players:

  • 0001 0004 – Trades Sprigatito for Fuecoco (or vice versa)
  • 0001 0007 – Trades Sprigatito for Quaxly (or vice versa)
  • 0004 0007 – Trades Fuecoco for Quaxly (or vice versa)
  • 4448 4448 – Trades Ditto for a foreign language Ditto (or vice versa)
  • 0166 0167 – Trades Armarouge for Ceruledge or a Pokemon holding the Auspicious Armor for a Pokemon holding the Malicious Armor (or vice versa in both cases)
  • 0319 0320 – Trades Stonjourner for Eiscue (or vice versa)
  • 0313 0314 – Trades Oranguru for Passimian (or vice versa)
  • 0223 0223 – Trades Blaze Breed Paldean Tauros for Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros (or vice versa)
  • 0227 0140 – Trades Stunky/Skuntank for Gulpin/Swalot (or vice versa)
  • 0143 0114 – Trades Drifloon/Drifblim for Misdreavus/Mismagius (or vice versa)
Austin John Plays Trade Codes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image Credit – Austin John Plays
  • 0337 0339 – Trades Skrelp/Dragalge for Clauncher/Clawitzer (or vice versa)
  • 0316 0276 – Trades Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar for Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence (or vice versa)
  • 0370 0305 – Trades Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon for Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult (or vice versa)
  • 0376 0382 – Trades Great Tusk for Iron Treads (or vice versa)
  • 0377 0383 – Trades Scream Tail for Iron Bundle (or vice versa)
  • 0378 0384 – Trades Brute Bonnet for Iron Hands (or vice versa)
  • 0379 0385 – Trades Flutter Mane for Iron Jugulis (or vice versa)
  • 0380 0386 – Trades Slither Wing for Iron Moth (or vice versa)
  • 0381 0387 – Trades Sandy Shocks for Iron Thorns (or vice versa)
  • 0397 0398 – Trades Roaring Moon for Iron Valiant (or vice versa)
  • 0399 0400 – Trades Koraidon for Miraidon (or vice versa)
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