It seems that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will feature 4 player co-op in a fully open world, for the first time ever.

The new Pokemon titles are just around the corner and they’re easily Game Freak’s most ambitious games yet. The recent success of Pokemon Legends: Arceus was clearly a test of the waters and now we’re diving in feet first with Scarlet & Violet.

These upcoming Pokemon titles will again feature a fully open-world environment. Only this time, it appears there are few restrictions on where you’ll be able to go and when.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reveals Online Co-Op

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reveals Online Co-Op

In the second trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Nintendo reveals the game will feature online co-op with up to 4 players.

For the first time ever, 4 trainers will be able to begin their Pokemon adventures simultaneously and travel together or alone throughout the game’s new region.

According to the official Pokemon Twitter account, this time around trainers will be free to explore the world without having to follow an order dictated by the plot!

“You will continue to meet, battle, train, and trade Pokémon while enjoying an adventure without limits.”

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The game’s trailer really drives this point home. In it, 4 trainers each part ways after beginning their adventure.

Then, each one immediately ventures into 4 completely different biomes on their own individual quests!

We can’t wait to see how this works on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release date! Thankfully, launch day isn’t too far away!

Why not take an early look at the new Scarlet & Violet Legendary Pokemon here? We’ve compiled everything we know into one place, so you don’t have to go searching!

Will you be picking up Scarlet and/or Violet? Let us know in the comments!

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