A Chinese dataminer revealed what could allegedly be the 25 new static Legendary encounters included in the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

According to this new information, there would be at least 25 encounters, including Legendaries from most regions. One notable exception on this Legendary roster is the Kalos Region.

In addition, the datamine hints some of these encounters could be version exclusives. This means that if you want to catch’em all, you’ll need to have both versions of the game.

Without any more delays, let’s discuss all Legendary Pokemon encounters mentioned in this Indigo Disk DLC leak.

All 25 Legendary Encounters Leaked

These are the 25 static Legendary encounters that leaked for the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

1. ArticunoKanto
2. ZapdosKanto
3. MoltresKanto
4. RaikouJohto
5. EnteiJohto
6. SuicuneJohto
7. LugiaJohto
8. Ho-OhJohto
9. LatiosHoenn
10. LatiasHoenn
11. KyogreHoenn
12. GroudonHoenn
13. RayquazaHoenn
14. CobalionUnova
15. TerrakionUnova
16. VirizionUnova
17. ZekromUnova
18. ReshiramUnova
19. KyuremUnova
20. SolgaleoAlola
21. LunalaAlola
22. NecrozmaAlola
23. KubfuGalar
24. SpectrierGalar
25. GlastrierGalar
Images Source: Pokemon.com

This leak was shared by Pokemon insiders Jan and Makio & JRoses, but the original source comes from a datamine shared on Chinese social media.

Everything We Know

  • This leak originated from a datamine traced to Chinese social media
  • Just as with any leak, this is not final information, and things can change in the final version of the game
  • Several of these Pokemon could be version-exclusive
  • There is a chance this Pokemon could be found in Raids later on
  • Aside from the 25 Legendary Pokemon coming to The Indigo Disk Scarlet & Violet DLC, more Legendaries could be allowed in the game via Pokemon HOME transfers
  • Insiders also believe these Pokemon could be shiny-huntable
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