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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starters + Release Date Revealed – Generation 9

Pokemon Generation 9 is officially revealed as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet during today’s Pokemon Presents event!

2022 has been big for Pokemon fans so far. Not only do we have a brand-new open-world Pokemon title to enjoy but the franchise is expanding like never before.

Recently Pokemon Legends: Arceus became the second-fastest selling Nintendo Switch game of all time. And Free-to-Play titles like Pokemon Unite and Pokemon GO are still delivering new content to their passionate fan bases too.

All eyes are on Nintendo to see what the company has planned for the official Pokemon Generation 9, which is finally announced as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Officially Revealed - Generation 9

And on top of that, it seems like Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC is just around the corner!

And after today’s reveal, it’s clear that the new expansion for Pokemon Legends will be disappointing if your expectations are too high.

Pokemon Violet & Scarlet Revealed as Gen 9

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are officially the titles of Generation 9!

To celebrate Pokemon Day on February 27, Nintendo went live with a new Pokemon Presents broadcast! And it brought with it some interesting new revelations.

But none were more eye-catching than the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! The upcoming generation of Pokemon looks like The Pokemon Company is combining the best parts of Pokemon Legends and Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Violet & Scarlet Revealed

We also got a look at the 3 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon, a Grass-Type cat, Sprigatito, a Fire-Type croc, Fuecoco, and a Water-Type duck, Quaxly.

Sadly, we don’t even know their exact typings as of yet, not their evolutions.

UPDATE: See everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here, including open world details, region info, and more!

GameFreak is confirming that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be open world, and the titles will reportedly release in late 2022! It continues to be a big year for Pokemon fans!

Pokemon Starters Scarlet Violet

But there’s another massive Nintendo game launching in March that you won’t want to miss!

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