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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Official Release Date Revealed

A brand-new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet is here and it brings with it the game’s official release date!

This year, Pokemon fans have yet another major release to look forward to – the official Gen 9 experience.

In late February, we were treated to the surprise reveal of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, two releases that will be debuting later in 2022. Given that we were still all playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus at the time, this was quite the shock!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 4 Player Co-Op

But now, fans are hungry for more news regarding the next generation of Pokemon. And today’s new trailer certainly looks as though there’s plenty waiting for us on launch day.

What Is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Release Date?

The news we’ve all been waiting for is here – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release date is November 18!

In today’s new trailer, Game Freak officially revealed the release date, alongside some interesting new details for Gen 9. Pre-orders are currently live over on the Nintendo store, and we’ve even got an early look at Scarlet & Violet’s legendary Pokemon!

In the upcoming game, players will be able to explore freely without following an order dictated by plot, something that fans will be more than happy to see. Scarlet and Violet also have complete 4 player co-op, making them the perfect game to play with friends!

Here’s everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – including open-world details, region info, and more!

What do you think of Gen 9 so far? And which edition will you be picking up?

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