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Will Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Let’s Go Feature Affect Shiny Pokemon?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a new mechanic called “Let’s Go!” that allows one of your Pokemon to freely roam the area around you. But will this new feature be a hindrance to Shiny Pokemon hunters?

With every new title in the franchise, Pokemon adds new mechanics alongside their new cast of Pokemon. This time, Nintendo aims to give Pokemon more freedom than ever with Let’s go!

Here is everything you need to know about the new feature and how it affects the Pokemon around you.

Can Pokemon Knock Out Shiny Pokemon in Auto-Battles?

No, leaked footage has revealed that when using the new Let’s Go feature, your roaming Pokemon will not engage in Auto-Battles with any Shiny Pokemon.

Twitter leaker letsgoshiny was able to test out this theory by using in-game cheat codes. It also revealed that even if you sent out your Pokemon to battle a Shiny on its own, the Pokemon would refuse to do so.

This was revealed by leaked footage before the game's full release. There is a chance that the mechanic functions differently when the game launches.

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What is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Let’s Go! Feature?

The Let’s Go mechanic in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allows players to let one of their Pokemon roam the area freely and interact with other Pokemon and items on their own.

This means that your Pokemon can engage with other Pokemon and start an Auto-Battle.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Lets Go

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What Are Auto-Battles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Pokemon that are free roaming independently can engage other Pokemon on their own and initiate Auto-Battles where the player does not need to use commands to battle.

When a Pokemon is engaged in an Auto-Battle, the player can either watch the battle unfold or set out to find items on their own.

Pokemon lets Go Scarlet Violet
Pokemon engaged in Auto-Battle.

During an Auto-Battle, Pokemon can earn exp points and find valuable items. This new feature will allow players to level up their Pokemon while exploring different areas quickly.

If you’re wondering what sort of Pokemon you’ll encounter, check out all of the leaked Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet so far!

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