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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Fans Compare New Professor to GigaChad Meme

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet recently received a new trailer, showcasing more gameplay, new pokemon, and a new professor who looks very similar to the GigaChad meme.

Since the upcoming Scarlet and Violet was first announced, Pokemon fans have been eager for more news regarding the Gen 9 games.

Fortunately, we recently got the second trailer for Scarlet and Violet. Players got a taste of the new mainline Pokemon games, and we also got a release date for Scarlet and Violet.

But one thing that many players didn’t expect was a character that looks like the GigaChad meme.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Introduces GigaChad-lookalike Professor Turo

Players can see a striking resemblance to the GigaChad meme with one of the new characters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Professor Turo.

Players will get two different professors in the upcoming Pokemon games, depending on which game they purchase and play.

For those who buy Pokemon Scarlet, you’ll meet Professor Sada. However, if you purchase Pokemon Violet, you’ll be greeted by Professor Turo, the “GigaChad Professor”.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fans Compare Professor Turo to GigaChad

For those unaware, the GigaChad is a meme that represents someone who is ” considered to be the model of idealized hypermasculinity.”

One tweet by a user called @FalKoopa on Twitter states “THEY ADDED THE GIGACHAD TO POKÉMON”, with an image of the Professor next to the GigaChad meme.

In fact, plenty of tweets by users follow a similar pattern. One user writes “Always nice to see the gigachad get some representation nowadays.”

Some Twitter users have been creating memes, with one person drawing a representation of GigaChad as Professor Turo. You can find the meme below.

While it’s unlikely that Game Freak took inspiration from the meme, the resemblance is striking. If that doesn’t make you want to buy Pokemon Violet, we’re not sure what will!

Make sure to check out the new Legendary Pokemon that are joining the Pokedex with Scarlet and Violet!

And it seems that Game Freak is doing something exciting with the upcoming Pokemon games! Scarlet and Violet are set to release with four-player open-world co-op!

Like many other Pokemon games, Gen 9 is bringing some exciting new Pokemon. Check out all of the currently revealed Pokemon coming with Gen 9.

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