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How to Find the Sunflora in the Hide and Seek Gym Test – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

For many players, their second gym is in the sculpture-themed town of Artazon. But before you take on Brassius, the Grass-type Gym Leader, you must find and return ten runaway Sunflora around town.

Scattered throughout Artazon, various Sunflora sculptures in pots are placed to throw you off their trail, but with some persistence, all can be found and returned to the ranch.

Where Are the Sunflora in the Hide & Seek Artazon Gym Test?

All ten Sunfloras are in Artazon, but if you attempt to leave the town, you will fail the test and have to try again.

The Sunflora can move around, and some will even run away or attack you. So if you don’t see them in the same space as in the guide, check around the areas mentioned.

Sunflora also can spawn in the same place on opposite sides of the map. Like on the west plaza instead of the east plaza.

To complete the test, you must collect all ten Sunflora by pressing the “A” button to get one to follow you. After all ten are collected, return to the ranch, and they will follow you inside, completing the test.

Ten Sunflora Locations

  • Three Sunfloras are directly in front of the Sunflora ranch (3/10).
Sunflora number 1-3
  • Continue following the curve of the circular path, and one Sunflora is near a lamppost near the gym. The one I went for ran away and attacked me, so it moved from its spawn (4/10).
Sunflora number 4
  • To the right, near the pool, is another (5/10).
Sunflora number 5 gym test
  • One is near or under the playground. Again, the Sunflora in my playthrough ran away. (6/10).
Sunflora number 6
  • Another sits behind the gym in a pot (7/10).
Sunflora number 7 sitting in a pot gym test pokemon scarlet and violet
  • On the west or east plaza, another stands next to a flower garden and a statue. This one is also sometimes behind the building up ahead. (8/10)
Sunflora number 8 gym test
  • Up the stairs, in the west plaza, is another (9/10)
Sunflora number 9
  • The last one is between the maze and the west or east plaza. This one can be a little tricky, as I have also seen it also under the veranda of the arena near the stairs (10/10).
Sunflora Number 10

Once you have all ten Sunfloras following you, lead them back to the ranch.

How to Start the Hide and Seek Test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

To start the Hide and Seek Gym test after accepting it from the Grass Gym Staffer behind the desk in the Artazon Gym, talk to the rancher in front of the Sunflora ranch next to the gym.

You can reach Artazon by taking the east path out of Mesagoza, past South Province Area Three, and just below the East Province.

  • First, go to Artazon. It is between the South and East Provinces.
  • Then enter the gym on the south side of town.
  • Talk with the staffer behind the desk and say you are here to challenge Brassius.
  • Accept the Gym Test and then leave the building.
  • To your right, you will see the Sunflora Ranch. The rancher is to the right of the Sunflora Statue.
  • Go there and tell the rancher you are ready to find the Sunflora.

If you enter Artazon from the east path, walk through the plaza and then take a right around the battle arena and then enter the gym.

Depending on how many gyms you have completed, Nemona may appear and talk with you first, but otherwise, head to the desk.

Why Are the Sunflora Not Spawning in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

The Sunfloras will not spawn until you talk with talk to both the Gym Staffer and the rancher outside of the gym to the right of the exit, in front of the Sunflora Ranch.

If this does not work, attempt to restart the game and your Nintendo Switch. Then try to talk to both the Gym Staffer and the rancher again.

  • First, make sure to talk to the rancher and the Gym Staffer.
Gym Staffer in Artazon
  • If that doesn’t work, exit the game by pressing the “Home” button. Then Press “X” over the game to confirm and close it.
  • Manually turn off the Switch by pressing the power button down until the turn-off prompt pops up.
  • Restart the Switch
  • Start the game again.

More than a few players, including myself, had trouble starting the hide-and-seek challenge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Fixing the issue is as simple as walking out of the gym, taking a right, and talking to the rancher after speaking with the Gym Staffer.

What Are the Rewards for Completing the Hide and Seek Test Again?

The rewards for completing the hide-and-seek test again are the Leaf and Sun Stone, items used in some evolutions.

Sun Stones and Leaf Stones evolve Pokemon like Sunkern and Cottonee, or Weepinbell and Eevee, respectively, and are found on the ground and in the open world as well.

You can get these rewards by speaking with the Sunflora rancher after completing the initial test and beating the Gym Leader. Then find and return the hiding Sunflora to the ranch.

To get the Leaf Stone, collect and return 10 of the 20 Sunflora and then all 20 to get the Sun Stone. Once obtained, equip the stones to relevant Pokemon to evolve.

Where Are the 20 Sunflora in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Some of the 20 Sunflora Pokemon in Artazon spawn in their initial locations from the Gym Test, but more are hiding behind buildings, in both plazas, and in trees.

To trigger the optional second Sunflora Hide and Seek Gym Test speak with the Rancher outside Sunflora Ranch and accept her challenge.

Finished Sunflora Quest in Artazon

Similar to rematching Gym Leaders, Gym tests can be repeated for additional rewards or a harder challenge.

However, to complete this challenge, you must have the dash upgrade for Koraidon or Miraidon.

Dash is a power-up obtained by beating the Klawf Titan in South Province and then feeding the victory sandwich Arven prepares to Koraidon or Miraidon.

Twenty Sunflora Locations

Again, the Sunflora can move around, and some will even run away or attack you. So if you don’t see them in the same space as in the guide, check around the areas mentioned.

  • The first Sunflora is under the playground like last time (1/20).
  • Another Sunflora sits in the same pot behind the gym (2/20).
Sunflora Pokemon hiding in Artazon
  • Walking toward the pool, you see the next Sunflora basking in the vending machine’s lights (3/20).
Sunflora Pokemon hiding in Artazon
  • Just past the vending machine, a Sunflora appears to be ordering from a food cart (4/20).
  • Head to the middle of the west plaza and find a Sunflora standing near the flower garden by a lamppost (5/20).
  • Still in the west plaza, you can find another sleeping behind a vending machine. This is closer to the maze and in between the stairs and a building (6/20).
  • The last Sunflora in the west plaza is at the far end next to the building with a green awning (7/20).
  • Head over to the park between the west plaza and the maze to find another Sunflora sitting in a pot next to a sculpture (8/20).
  • To your right, there is another Sunflora in a tree, but you need to knock it out of the tree (9/20).
    • Press the “Start” button to get on Koraidon or Miraidon.
    • Press the “Left Stick” in and forward to dash into the tree trunk.
    • Then collect or battle Sunflora as usual.
  • Follow the edge of the maze up to the next tree. Then repeat the process above to knock the Sunflora out of it (10/20).
  • You can return to the rancher to collect a leaf stone as a reward for getting ten of 20 Sunflora. Otherwise, continue to the next Sunflora and grab the reward at the end.
Half way completion prize in Artazon second hide and seek gym test
  • Enter the Maze, and to your right, you can find the next Sunflora (11/20).
  • Go to your left down the first curve of the Maze to find another Sunflora (12/20).
  • Head back and take a left a the first intersection, and you find the next Sunflora (13/20).
  • The last Sunflora in the maze is in the center, underneath the lattice structure (14/20).
  • Leave the maze and walk toward the raised wooden pathway. Before you reach it, to your left, another Sunflora sits in front of this small pond (15/20).
  • Walk on the raised wooden path, and on the first left, you can find the next Sunflora (16/20).
  • Turn around and head east toward the sculpture garden to find another Sunflora surrounded by these oddly-shaped squares (17/20).
  • In the east plaza, in the alleyway next to the cafe, is another Sunflora in a pot (18/20).
  • By the flower garden, closest to the cafe in the east plaza, you can find another one (19/20).
  • Head to the center of Artazon to find the last Sunflora in the middle of the battle arena (20/20).

How to Get the Sunflora Out of Trees in the Hide and Seek Test?

To get a Sunflora out of a tree, you must dash into the trunk with Koraidon or Miraidon. The Sunflora might attack you once they are knocked down.

The dash ability is earned after beating the Klawf Titan in the South Province and giving the sandwich reward to Koraidon or Miraidon.

You can dash by first getting on Koraidon or Miraidon with “Start” and then pressing the “Left Stick” in and forward.

What Pokemon Type Does Brassius Use in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Brassius, the Gym Leader in Artazon, uses Grass-type Pokemon, which are weak to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, or Poison types.

The Pokemon in his team are all around level 17 and are strong against Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon.

Brassius talking before battle
SudowoodoGrass (Tera Type)17

Where is Brassius in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Brassius is in the town of Artazon between South Province Area Three and the East Province.

You can reach Artazon by taking the east path out of Mesagoza City. After completing the hide-and-seek Gym Test, you can challenge Brassius.

How Do You Beat Brassius in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

To beat Brassius, have Fire or Flying-type Pokemon around level 17 to lead your team, with several awakening sprays, potions, and revives.

Back up your Fire or Flying-type Pokemon with Bug, Ice, or Poison-type Pokemon. But if you do not have these types teach a Fire or Flying-type TM to a non-Ground, Rock, or Water-type.

Growlithe Terrastralized in Artazon Gym Battle

He has three pokemon with the final, Sudowoodo, Terastallizing like all Gym Leaders command in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. So make sure to Terastrallize your own Pokemon for a better chance.

Here are some extra tips before taking on Brassius.

  • Have Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, or Poison-type Pokemon on your team
    • Fire and Flying types are the most effective.
  • Get rid of any Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon from your party
  • Have all Pokemon around level 17 to 20
  • Buy extra awakening items, revives, and super potions.
  • Consume sandwiches or other foods for bonuses against Grass-types

Beating Brassius nets you a Gym Badge, upgrading your Pokemon handling by ten levels, and the Trailblaze TM.

If you need help determining which Gym Leader you should face next, check our article on which gym order is the best. Or, if you want to start out your playthrough with something easier, follow our guide on the Cortondo Gym Leader.

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