Pokemon Scarlet & Violet carry on the long-running tradition of having version-exclusive Pokemon. Here are all the version-locked creatures we know about so far:

If you’re struggling to decide which version of Pokemon’s Gen 9 to buy, this might help you decide. As ever, certain Pokemon will be restricted to each version of the game, to incentivize players to trade with one another.

Of course, these days it’s a lot easier to acquire every Pokemon in your Pokedex, thanks to online trading. But there are a few other incentives that you’ll want to be aware of.

For example, only one version of Pokemon contains the living embodiment of the Gigachad meme.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Key Visual

And of course your Legendary motorcycle Pokemon will also be different in Scarlet and Violet, depending on your game of choice! You’ll be seeing your trusty steed a lot, so pick wisely.

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Every Version-Exclusive Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Game Exclusive Pokemon

  • Larvitar
  • Pupitar
  • Tyranitar
  • Stonjourner
  • Koraidon
  • Armarouge
  • Drifloon
  • Drifblim
  • Oranguru
  • Skrelp
  • Dragalge
  • Deino
  • Zweilous
  • Hydreigon
  • Great Tusk (Donphan)
  • Brute Bonnet (Amoonguss)
  • Sandy Shocks (Magneton)
  • Scream Tail (Jigglypuff)
  • Flutter Mane (Misdreavus)
  • Slither Wing (Volcarona)
  • Roaring Moon (Salamence)

Wondering what the strange new names are at the end of the list? Check out the new Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet here!

Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Pokemon

If you want an easy Tyranitar in your team, Scarlet might be the best pick.

What’s more, the newly revealed Armarouge (Fire/Psychic-Type) wields a powerful gun, making it one of the must-have Pokemon in your Scarlet team.

Pokemon Scarlet Exclusive Armarouge

Pokemon Violet Game Exclusive Pokemon

  • Bagon
  • Shelgon
  • Salamence
  • Eiscue
  • Miraidon
  • Ceruledge
  • Misdreavus
  • Mismagius
  • Dreepy
  • Drakloak
  • Dragapult
  • Passimian
  • Clauncher
  • Clawitzer
  • Iron Treads (Donphan)
  • Iron Moth (Volcarona)
  • Iron Hands (Hariyama)
  • Iron Jugulis (Hydreigon)
  • Iron Thorns (Tyranitar)
  • Iron Bundle (Delibird)
  • Iron Valiant (Gallade/Gardevoir)
Pokemon Violet Exclusive Pokemon

On the other hand, these above creatures are far easier to obtain for those who opt for the more futuristic game.

Also revealed for Violet-exclusivity is Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost) a sword-wielding Pokemon that’s as stylish as it is powerful.

Ceruledge Pokemon Violet Exclusive

These are all the version-exclusive Pokemon currently revealed for Scarlet and Violet so far. However, there are several more to come.

Just look at this massive tease of 72 leaked Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet for a few more hints at what might be next.

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