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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All New Pokemon Revealed

Here are all the new creatures that made their debut in today’s Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer from the Pokemon Presents broadcast.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is looking better than ever after today’s Pokemon Presents. We got a brand-new trailer, with plenty more enticing details that have us eager to get our hands on the upcoming Gen 9 games.

In the game’s first trailer, we were introduced to the new Scarlet & Violet starter Pokemon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. After that, we got several more Pokemon reveals that the internet quickly fell in love with.

sprigatito fuecoco and quaxly
The Pokemon Company

And now, we’re getting a look at more than a few new faces that we’ll be meeting on our next adventure in the land of Pokemon.

Here’s why you need to be even more excited about the rapidly-approaching Pokemon Scarlet & Violet release date!

Here are all the new Pokemon confirmed for Scarlet & Violet in today’s Pokemon Presents trailer:

Paldean Wooper

Poison Fish Pokemon

Paldean Wooper Scarlet and Violet
The Pokemon Company

Our first regional variant, Paldean Wooper, is a Poison/Ground type. The Pokemon lives on the land, covering its body with a poisonous film in order to prevent drying out.


Puppy Pokemon

The Pokemon Company

Fidough is a new bread-inspired puppy Fairy-Type Pokemon that has ‘moist, smooth skin’ with elastic qualities. When these Pokemon get excited, they can puff up their bodies to appear bigger.

Its breath contains yeast which is used for cooking in the Paldea region.


Terra Whale Pokemon

The Pokemon Company

Cetitan is an Ice-Type land whale that has thick blubber and even thicker muscles. The Pokemon can gather energy into one of its five horns to make the surrounding temperature extremely low and freeze the nearby area.

And what’s more, we even got news about the new Terastal mechanic coming to Scarlet & Violet and how it’ll change every Pokemon in the game!

Check out the full Pokemon Presents broadcast here!

But even after today’s announcements, there’s still more news to come. We’ve got a full breakdown of all 72 currently leaked Pokemon coming to Gen 9 here!

Plus, we’ve got more news about the total number of Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet’s and its upcoming DLC.

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