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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – All Gen 9 Pokemon Currently Revealed

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet set to arrive later this year, here’s all of the currently revealed Gen 9 Pokemon.

Since the announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans have been anticipating more news from the next mainline Pokemon game.

And with the second trailer out, we’ve got a closer look at the exciting Pokemon game coming later this year.

But what about the new Pokemon? Fortunately, The Pokemon Company has been revealing some new Pokemon for Gen 9, so get your Pokedex ready, and let’s see what you can catch!

All Gen 9 Pokemon Currently Known – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here are all of the latest Pokemon we know of that are set to arrive alongside the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games:

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The first three Pokemon that were introduced alongside the upcoming games are the starter Pokemon.

Sprigatito – Grass Type

The spring cat Pokemon. This Pokemon’s name got some inspiration from the word spring and the Spanish word for little kitten, “gatito.” Its natural ability is Overgrow.

Sprigatito Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Fuecoco – Fire Type

Fuecoco is the fire crocodile Pokemon. This Pokemon’s name is the mashup of the Spanish word for fire, “fuego,” and crocodile, “cocodrilo.” Its natural ability is Blaze.

Fuecoco Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Quaxly – Water Type

Quaxly is the duckling water-type starter of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Its name could draw inspiration from the words “quack,” “aqua” which is water in several languages, and wax due to the Pokemon’s hairdo. Its natural ability is Torrent.

Quaxly Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

We also saw these other Pokemon introduced with Gen 9 in the second Scarlet and Violet trailer.

Pawmi – Electric Type

Pawmi is a small electric mouse Pokemon. Its forepaws contain special electricity-discharging organs. Additionally, its thick fur that serves as insulation for cold weather also stores electricity.

The natural abilities of this Pokemon include Static and Natural Cure. Its name could derive from the word “paw” and the ending of the Japanese word for mouse, “nezumi.”

Pawmi Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Lechonk – Normal Type

Lechonk is the normal-type hog Pokemon. It uses its sharp sense of smell to feed on the finest grasses and berries of the region.

Its appearance might be deceiving, as it is mostly muscle-built due to its constant walks in search of food. Lechonk’s natural abilities include Aroma Veil and Gluttony.

Its name is most likely inspired by the Spanish word for piglet, “lechon.”

Lechonk Pokemon Violet Scarlet

Smoliv – Grass/Normal Type

Smoliv is the grass/normal type olive Pokemon. It shoots the astringent and bitter oil that comes out of its head as a defense of mechanism to slow opponents down.

Also, it can go without eating or drinking water for a week. This Pokemon stores oil made from nutrients it gathers through photosynthesis. Smoliv has only one possible ability, Early Bird.

Possibly, and most likely, its name got some inspiration from the words “small” and “olive.”

Smoliv Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Of course, there are two major additions to the Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet, which are the legendary Pokemon. Find out more about the legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon.

Those are all of the currently known Pokemon being added with Gen 9’s Scarlet and Violet. We’ll update this list as soon as Nintendo reveals more Pokemon joining the Pokedex!

If the latest Pokemon are anything to go by, it seems that Pokemon’s ninth-generation is going to include some amazing Pokemon!

One of the biggest changes in the upcoming Pokemon games is that Scarlet and Violet is set to feature 4 player co-op in the open world.

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