The leaks were correct and there is indeed going to be a Pokemon Presents live stream on August 8, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know:

Pokemon Presents August 2023 Date

The Pokemon Presents live stream has now been confirmed for August 8, 2023!

We knew that an August live stream was extremely likely, as we’ve had a Pokemon Presents at this time of year in both 2021 and 2022.

In a new teaser for the broadcast, the Pokemon Presents logo glitches, with only the M being briefly visible for a split second. If this is a hint at what’s to come, we can’t imagine what it could mean!

August Pokemon Presents Start Time

The Pokemon Presents live stream will start at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST on August 8, 2023.

The Pokemon Presents stream will begin in .

    Pokemon Presents August 2023 Predictions & Leaks

    Here are the announcements we believe are most likely to appear in the Pokemon Presents in August 2023:

    Pokemon Unite 2nd Anniversary – Mewtwo Announcement

    Although Pokemon Unite players are already aware of the ongoing event, Pokemon Presents will likely take the time to explain that Mewtwo X is currently available to unlock for free in the MOBA right now.

    Pokemon Unite 2nd Anniversary - Mewtwo Announcement

    Furthermore, we expect that further announcements regarding Mewtwo Y’s release, a new map, or even the leaked hub world seen in screenshots of Unite’s Chinese Beta could drop during Pokemon Presents.

    Pokemon GO Fest & Mega Rayquaza

    Pokemon GO Fest 2023 will be kicking off throughout August and Pokemon Presents often gives a shout-out to Niantic’s popular AR game. Most likely, the stream will draw attention to the New York City GO Fest, which will be held from August 18-20.

    Pokemon GO Mega Rayquaza

    What’s more, all fans will be able to get their hands on Mega Rayquaza for the first time on August 26 as part of GO Fest: Global. We can’t see The Pokemon Company neglecting to mention it.

    Pokemon Cafe Remix

    Pokemon Cafe ReMix is a free-to-download game on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices that is continually seeing new updates. Last year’s Pokemon Presents announced that Mewtwo was back in-game for players to unlock.

    Pokemon Cafe ReMix

    This year, perhaps another legendary Pokemon is ready to get to work at your cafe!

    Pokemon Masters EX

    It’s the 4th Anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX and that usually means a major update is on the way.

    Last year saw a tease of Red & Pikachu, while 2021’s Pokemon Presents added Dynamaxing to the game alongside the legendary Pokemon Eternatus.

    Pokemon Masters EX Red & Pikachu

    This time, Scarlet & Violet’s Nemona is allegedly dropping on August 8, alongside the Pokemon Presents event.

    Pokemon Sleep Trailer / Event

    Pokemon Sleep, the game that allows you to catch Pokemon only while getting some rest, is now available worldwide. To get the word out about this mobile release, we expect it to at least get a trailer in the Pokemon Presents.

    Pokemon Sleep

    However, it could be time to see what the game’s first ‘event’ could look like, with special Pokemon on offer for players who take part.

    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Release Date

    One thing we’re certain will drop during the August 2023 Pokemon Presents is the long-awaited release date for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC.

    The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC consists of two parts:

    • The Teal Mask (Part 1) will release in Fall 2023
    • The Indigo Disk (Part 2) will release in Winter 2023
    The Teal Mask Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

    It’s beyond time for details about The Teal Mask’s release so we wouldn’t be shocked to get a new trailer containing launch dates for both expansions.

    Pokemon Black & White Remakes

    It’s about that time again for a new Pokemon generation remake and this time Black and White’s Unova region is set to arrive.

    While there have been no teases from The Pokemon Company itself, leaks and rumors of an upcoming remake set in Unova have been appearing online in recent weeks.

    Whether this means a half-hearted remake like Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, a new Pokemon Legends-style game, or something in between, we’ll have to wait and see.

    What Happened in Past August Pokemon Presents?

    In 2022, a Pokemon Presents presentation went live on August 3. In it, The Pokemon Company showed off:

    • Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO
    • Pokemon Unite 1st Anniversary Adds Buzzwole, Pika Party
    • Pokemon Masters EX 3rd Anniversary Adds Red & Pikachu
    • Mewtwo Returns to Pokemon Cafe Remix
    • Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer & Gameplay Showcase

    Back in 2021, the Pokemon Presents live stream took place on August 18. Here’s what that one had to offer:

    • Pokemon Unite Mobile Release Date
    • Pokemon Cafe Remix Major Update
    • Pokemon Masters EX 2nd Anniversary Adds Dynamaxing
    • Pokemon GO adds Galar Region Pokemon, including Zacian and Zamazenta
    • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Showcase
    • Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition Revealed
    • Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer & Gameplay Showcase

    With these broadcasts in mind, we can be relatively confident that we know what to expect during the Pokemon Presents showcase in August 2023. But we’re still more than happy to be surprised!

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