The reveal of a brand-new Pokemon type is here – or at least a new Tera Type – courtesy of Scarlet & Violet’s upcoming DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC just got a brand-new trailer, courtesy of the Pokemon World Championships, and it revealed a never-seen-before Tera Type.

For those out of the loop, Gen 9 introduced Tera Types, a new secret type given to each Pokemon that allows it to Terastallize into that type. When Terastallized, a Pokemon gains a new crystal aura and changes its type completely to its Tera Type, giving it a new set of strengths and weaknesses.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet New Tera Type Icon

And now, a nineteenth Tera Type is arriving in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC.

New Tera Type Revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A new Tera Type will be coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in its upcoming DLC, The Indigo Disk, and it appears to be a never-seen-before typing.

Although we don’t have an official name for the type just yet, it appears to be a combination of all other types. Here’s what the official blog post has to say about it:

“Something about it seems different from the eighteen Tera Types we’ve seen before, but much is yet unknown,” The Pokemon Company teases. “What is the truth behind this nineteenth Tera Type?”

We don’t know if any moves will make their debut alongside the new type but it seems likely that the nineteenth typing will have types it’s both strong and weak to.

Baxcalibur using new Pokemon Tera Type in Scarlet & Violet

For now, we do know of at least one move that can strike with the new type: Tera Blast. This move becomes the same type as a Terastalized user’s Tera Type, so we know it IS possible to attack with Scarlet & Violet’s new type.

It’s worth mentioning that this new Tera Type is likely specific to Terastallization. We don’t believe that any Pokemon will be the new type prior to Terastallizing, although there could be one exception which we get into below.

What Is the New Pokemon Type in Scarlet & Violet?

We don’t have an official name or explanation for the new Pokemon type in Scarlet & Violet’s DLC yet. However, there are some hints that could help give us an idea of what to expect.

First of all, in the footage below, The Pokemon Company appears to deliberately show all existing types before revealing the new Tera Type.

The Tera Type symbol also resembles a cluster of types and a rainbow pattern, potentially suggesting that the new type is all prior types rolled into one.

As for where the new type comes from, we’ve got a theory about that too.

The answer most likely lies with Terapagos, a new Pokemon making its debut in The Indigo Disk (Scarlet & Violet’s second DLC).

Terapagos Forms in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

In its normal form, Terapagos looks like a crystal turtle, but in its Terastal form, the Pokemon has a shell displaying all 18 regular typings.

On the center of the shell, Terapagos even has one more hexagonal scale protruding from its back, potentially teasing that a 19th Tera Type would be arriving in Scarlet & Violet DLC.

Here’s another interesting thing we’ve noticed. When Terastallized, Pokemon moves that are powered up (ones matching your new Tera Type), get an outlined aura in the move select screen.

Dark Tera Type vs New Tera Type

For the new Tera Type, it seems that ALL moves could get a boost, regardless of their type! This would certainly make the transformation more powerful than any other Tera form – so expect a major downside to help balance the type too!

We’ll update this article as more information about the mysterious new Tera Type is revealed!

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