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New Pokemon Merch Suggests Mega Evolutions Are Coming Back

The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes could bring the much-loved mechanic of Mega Evolution.

Mega evolution was first introduced in Pokemon X / Y; it allowed certain Pokemon to temporarily evolve further into a ‘Mega Form’ and do more damage.

When mega evolved, Pokemon change in appearance – usually becoming more bad-ass in the process.

While the feature did return, most subsequent games choose not to bring back mega evolution. Instead, they replaced it with somenew gimmick like Z moves or the lackluster Dynamax mechanic.

Mega evolution has also become popular in other Pokemon media like the trading card game and anime. But the feature has been sorely missed in the mainline Pokemon games.

Pokemon Mega Evolution Coming To Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl?

However, according to a recent leak, the feature may be making a return in the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl. The art for both games' official figurine line shows a Mega Evolved Lucario and Mega Charizard X forms.

While this isn't official confirmation of mega evolution returning in Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl, it’s undoubtedly a good indicator.

The art and figurines are official, so if the mechanic isn’t returning, including mega evolved Pokemon is a strange decision.

Pokemon legends

Mega evolution didn’t exist when the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out back in 2006. But it seems like a fun feature to include in the remakes.

Just imagine Pokemon like Giratina and Arceus being able to evolve into mega forms?

This could also tie nicely into the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A game which will feature the creator of the Pokemon universe heavily.

In other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl news, the game will include content from Pokemon Platinum.

We’ve also rounded up all the announcements from Pokemon Day – which was also the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

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