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Pokemon ‘Let’s Go: Catching’ Leaked Ahead of Direct

There's another new Pokemon game coming soon, as Let's Go: Catching leaks ahead of an incoming Direct.

Already, we have another Pokemon game on the horizon, and we're not talking about the one you think.

There's a new Pokemon Direct reportedly on the way, and leaks indicate that Diamond and Pearl remakes will be on the agenda.

However, it seems there's more to come than just a remake of Generation 4. A new Pokemon leak reveals that there's also a sequel to Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee on the way.

pokemon lets go
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Direct Announcement Coming This Week

According to numerous leaks, there's a Pokemon Direct right around the corner, and it's going to be announced this week.

At first, fans were confused at the lack of Pokemon coverage in the recent Nintendo Direct. But if Nintendo was saving the news for its own special Direct, that's sure to make fans feel better about a rather lacking 50-minute presentation.

According to Pokemon leaker Dark Ho-Oh (AKA Regizap) on Twitter, a new game in the Let's Go series will be the next reveal to drop.

pokemon let's go
(Source: Nintendo)

The user attests that there's a new title, named Pokemon: Let's Go Catching, set to be announced in an upcoming Pokemon Direct. The Direct is getting a reveal this week, so it won't take long to see if this leak is legit.

The leaker's tweets were initially made more valid by likes from KeliosFR, a more well-known Pokemon insider. However, Kelios states that they were simply liking the idea of the game, rather than confirming its existence.

In the past, fans were of the belief that Diamond and Pearl remakes would feature Let's Go-style catching mechanics. However, now it looks like this won't be the case.

Instead, Let's Go Johto may be on the horizon. Or perhaps Let's Go catching will be more of a celebration of the entire franchise, rather than locking down a specific region.

Whatever Let's Go Catching has in store, we won't have to wait long to find out! After all, other leaks indicate that huge Pokemon news will be coming this week, before Pokemon Day on the 27th.

There are also some intriguing new Pokemon trademarks prompting further speculation from fans. We're excited to see what Pokemon 'Fusion Arts' are, and how they could relate to the upcoming titles.

And in other Nintendo news, the final two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters are leaking online. Are you happy with the game's final DLC picks?

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