Pikachu is back once again, and this time it is ready to dominate Hisui in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus certainly brings a lot of new elements to the table. Most mechanics that we are used to and know by heart are somewhat different this time around.

Even the simplest tasks like catching a Pokemon are fairly different in Legends Arceus. Hisui is the distant past of the region we know as Sinnoh. So, things will be familiar in some aspects yet radically different in others.

There are many surprises in Legends Arceus, but some things remain the same. Many new Pokemon are making their debut here, but the everlasting Pokemon mascot is back again.

If you are a die-hard fan of Pikachu, it is back in Hisui waiting for your battle challenge! And don’t forget to use this new method to find a shiny Pikachu fast!

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How to Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can find Pikachu in several locations in the Hisui region. Fortunately, catching it is as easy as catching any other Pokemon.

Here are the locations in which you can find Pikachu in Pokemon Legends Arceus:

  • Obsidian Fieldlands (Nature’s Pantry)
  • Crimson Minelands (Golden Lowlands)

As usual with Pokemon games, make sure you take all the Pokeballs you need!

Catching Pikachu in Pokemon Legends Arceus should not be a problem. It is an easy-to-catch Pokemon that should not give you much fight.

If you want Pikachu to evolve into Raichu, it is an easy task just as in previous games. All you will need is a Thunder Stone and this handy guide on how to evolve Pokemon!

Furthermore, if you want to get the evolved version of Pikachu, you can also find Raichu in the wild at Crimson Mirelands (Golden Lowlands).

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Are you looking to complete your Pokédex? If so, you are looking to complete your starters collection!

Here is how to catch starters in Pokemon Legends Arceus. In addition to starters, Shaymin and Darkrai are both available in this game.

If you want these Pokemon in your party, follow this guide to get Shaymin and Darkrai in Legends Arceus.

Lastly, Unowns are back in Hisui! Here is how you can catch all Unown in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

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