Bonsly is one of the most tricky Pokemon to find in Legends: Arceus – here’s exactly where you can catch it!

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, just like other Pokemon games, Trainers want to catch ’em all! However, this is easier said than done.

Pokemon Legends Arceus’ world is pretty big and with Pokemon spawns being randomized, there will always be some that are more difficult to find than others. One of these Pokemon is the small, tree-like Bonsly.

This Rock-Type baby Pokemon is actually quite a bit more difficult to find than its evolved form Sudowoodo. However, we’ve found two spots where you can get yourself a Bonsly and complete the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex!

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Bonsly Pokemon Legends Arceus

But before you set out to catch Bonsly, be sure you know how to boost shiny odds in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! Using this trick, you’ll have a shiny Bonsly in no time.

Baby Pokemon are some of the most difficult to find – here’s where you can catch them:

Where to Find Bonsly – Spawn Locations Map in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You can catch a Bonsly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus in both the Crimson Mirelands and Coronet Highlands. However, you need to know exactly where to look and what to do!

The first Bonsly spawn is in Crimson Mirelands – specifically, near Cloudpool Ridge. The exact location is south of Cloudpool Ridge and west of Diamond Heath.

There will only be one Bonsly spawning there if there even is one. If you can’t find a Bonsly, fast travel back to Jubilife Village and head back to the location on the map below to reset the spawns.

Also, be careful – some powerful Alpha Pokemon spawn locations are near Cloudpool Ridge too!

Bonsly Spawn Location Map – Crimson Mirelands

Where to Find Bonsly Map Pokemon Legends Arceus - Crimson Mirelands

Additionally, you can find Bonsly in the Coronet Highlands, but this one is a bit more difficult.

Go in between Sacred Plaza and Celestica Ruins and shake moving rocks or ore deposits – there is a small chance that Bonsly will appear!

Once you’ve headed to the map location below and destroyed an ore containing Bonsly, it’s as simple as catching it!

Remember – you need to catch every Pokemon before you can get Arceus!

Bonsly Spawn Location Map – Coronet Highlands

Where to Find Bonsly Map Pokemon Legends Arceus - Coronet Highlands

And that’s how you can find and catch Bonsly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! Good luck finding this baby ‘Mon and completing your Pokedex.

Even once you’ve completed the Pokdex, there might be more coming to the game soon. Datamines hint that mega evolutions could be coming to Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

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