Want to track down and catch all Unown forms in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? We’ve got you covered in a handy new locations guide.

In their quest to catch ’em all, Pokemon Legends: Arceus players will have quite the task getting hold of the Unown. These alphabet-inspired Pokemon will be hiding out around the Hisui region, just waiting for trainers to track them down.

In total, there are 28 Unown variants to discover, each resembling either a letter or punctuation mark. And unlike most Pokemon, these odd creatures will only be found in specific locations.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

With most captures, there’s a new and easy way to find shiny Pokemon in Legends: Arceus. That’s not the case for Unown, unfortunately.

And don’t forget, you’ll need to capture every Pokemon before you get the opportunity to catch Arceus itself!

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Unown Hints & Locations Guide

If you’re looking to hunt down all 28 Unown variants, here’s a handy locations guide to help you out!

AWITHIN THE SETTLEMENT WHERE TIME RULESCrimson Mirelands (Diamond Settlement on one of the tents)
BTURN YOUR EYES UP AT THE VOLCANIC ISLANDCobalt Coastlands (Molten Arena Near Alpha Ninetales)
CLOOK TO THE RUINED PLANES OF CELESTICACoronet Highlands (Celestica Ruins, on the top of a formation to the West)
DAMONG STUMPS AND CAMPFIRE ASHES IN FIELDS OF GOLDCrimson Mirelands (Campfire by first tent)
EA LONE TREE IN A POND IN THE GROVEObsidian Fieldlands (Grueling Grove in the tree on the lone island)
FA STONY OUTCROP OVER POOLS OF MUD ON A MIGHTY MOUNTAINCoronet Highlands (Ancient Quarry on the rocks near Alpha Goodra)
GATOP A WATERFALL OF OBSIDIANObsidian Fieldlands (At the top of the Obsidian Falls)
HA VILLAGE GATEWAYJubilife Village (Near the welcome sign)
ITHE LAKE ISLAND WHERE EMOTION RESIDESObsidian Fieldlands (Lake Verity, behind the cave)
JA NOOK WITHIN A QUARRYCoronet Highlands (Ancient Quarry)
KWHERE STONES PILE HIGH AMID FOGBOUND RUINSCrimson Mirelands (Shrouded Ruins near the cliff)
LAN IMPASSE IN A CAVE ADORNED BY TWIN FALLS Coronet Highlands (Wayward Cave behind breakable rock)
MA TREE FELLED ON SLUDGECrimson Mirelands (Sludge Mount on one of the trees)
NTWO HORNS RISING FROM THE SEACobalt Coastlands (Sands Reach on huge spike to the East, near the camp)
OTHREE PILLARS IN A WORLD OF ICEAlabaster Icelands (Avalance Slopes on a pillar in Alpha Froslass’ underground cave)
QTWIN TREES AT THE SPRING BY THE SEACobalt Coastlands (Turnback Cave entrance)
RBY THE GRAVE UPON THE CAPECobalt Coastlands (Veilstone Cape past the final grave)
SWHERE STICK AND LOG DAM THE RIVERObsidian Fieldlands (Sticks on Alpha Bibarel’s dam)
TGAZE DOWN FROM ATOP THE GREATEST GLACIAL LEGACYAlabaster Icelands (Avaluggs Legace, look down from the top of the iceberg)
UTHE UNUSUAL STONE STARING OUT ACROSS THE SNOWFIELDSAlabaster Icelands (Heart’s Crag behind the statue at the top of the waterfall)
VA WITHERED TREE IN THE SPRAWLING RED SWAMPCrimson Mirelands (Scarlet Bog, hanging from tree)
WTHE LEFT EYE ATOP THE VILLAGEJubilife Village (Magikarp statue’s left eye)
XSCALE THE GRANDTREEObsidian Falls (Grandtree Arena, on top of a tree branch)
YSCALE THE FROZEN FALLSAlabaster Icelands (Icebound Falls atop the frozen waterfall)
ZA TIMEWORN SHIP ON A SANDY SHORECobalt Coastlands (Upright ship near second camp)
!A DEAD TREE BY THE HOT SPRINGAlabaster Icelands (Dead tree in hot springs)

Don’t forget that hardcore fans will even be able to catch Darkrai and Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus too! However, not all players will get the chance to encounter the Legendary duo.

And while you’re hunting all of the Unown, don’t miss out on catching these rare ‘mons to complete your collection!

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